Meet Canada’s Massive Medical Marijuana Company

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Tweed is Canada’s largest medical cannabis producer, providing medicine for roughly 20 percent of the country’s registered pot patients.

The company recently converted an old Hershey’s chocolate factory into a massive marijuana growing facility for its 125 employees.

Tweed is currently working with multiple Cannabis Cup winners DNA Genetics to provide Canadians with the highest quality medical marijuana.

Join HIGH TIMES on a tour of Tweed’s gigantic ganja growrooms.


golden guanyu says:

fail tiny little trees=tiny little buds

Octagonapus C says:

These guys fuck their customers. I bought 60g for 400. only got 32gs. I called and they told me to fuck off
Ordered 20gs. weighed it. it was cool
Jus got 40gs for 300.
Weighed it
Only 18gs

Coty Murphy says:

Dude trey is that you?

me says:

Which is why I like AURORA as a investment. They will not shortcut for growth. Retrofitting a nestle building is shortcuting for growth.

Jude Etta says:

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Online Dispensary says:

these comments are LOL……….come check us CDNS……….were the WALMART of canadian cannabis

Buck Downs says:

Best of the best …. refined ???? Bullshit !! Why does all this LP weed taste like is missing something ?? Gamma irradiation or cold pasteurization is probably what's killing the magic .

Woxineau Crows says:

Canada ROKS in Med Canibus awsome Smith Falls comin up there this summer fer a weekend see ya soon~

bob joe says:

all this money and these guys aren't smart enough to use a greenhouse with supplemental lighting. Everyones electrical bill goes up because of these warehouses. It's called supply and demand right? Hightimes should not support these folks in my opinions. I have no issues for cannabis but this is shameful. Millions of dollars being spent on HID lighting with tons of heat waste. Disgusting. This isn't advanced intelligent works this is large corporate wastefulness with a descent return

Craig Willoughby says:

Lol what a joke. they're being allowed to literally purchase a monopoly over the market. how in the world are medical activists supposed to have their say when licensed producers are getting evaluations of over $880 million? MMPR is a joke ACMPR is a joke.

Steeve Beraud says:

bonjour a vous c est possible de venir travaille oh canada dans votre culture ?

Beginner GrowsXL says:

Weedy wonka

River says:

I'm glad I got my licence today and Tweed was my only choice! I'm also from Ontario thank you for info, learning about what strains will be best for me. I appreciate these tweed updates.

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