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Venous Cutdown


Bassmaniac says:

that's a huge help for the doctors!

North Georgia Preparedness says:

Ahhh shit. That is not for the faint of heart.


1:38 is when something falls off the clamps into the cut so if this was a real operation then please check your tools

SanjeevGeorgeV says:

Nice demo….after cannulating the vein, should be release the distal ligature on the vein or allow it to be there?

B says:

So is this your go-to technique when IO devices and ultrasound are not available? Otherwise, I thought this technique had fallen out of favor due to a high rate of complication.

ziadnemena says:

Hi, in what particular case is this good for? I mean it is easier and less traumatic for the patient to puncture more superficial part of the saphena, v. basilica, v. cephalica, v. jugularis interna, v. subclavia all of them vith ultrasound guidance… I cant imagine a case in which this is a good option. also time, it is not faster as the ultrasound guided puncturing. Excuse my english and THX

Goku Saiyan says:

i have a question when you pass IV fluid through this tube then what will happen to the air inside this tube wont the fluid carry the air inside the tube to the vein and cause air embolism?

SIBleueye {!¡}F{!¡} says:

Thx doctor 🙂

Edven Manabat says:

Had successful venous cutdown on 8 month old infant immediately after viewing this with same technique done. Thanks a lot

ahmed yousif says:

Thanks doctor

medic says:

Thank you very much doctor!

MutilatedCal says:

i really like to be a surgeon one day

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