Central line placement

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How to insert a central venous catheter line. For full details, visit http://pocketsnips.org – it’s free. Creative Commons licensing – attribution, non-commercial, share-alike.
Although care has been taken in preparing the information shared in all components of the PocketSnips project, the PocketSnips project does not and cannot guarantee the accuracy thereof. Expert medical opinion should be sought out, when determining a clinical approach. These videos are not a substitute for such medical expertise.


Kenzie Carr says:

watching this because i just finished season 13 of greys and i now feel like a surgeon

rms nursing says:

it is very clear explanation

kevin blanch says:

they day they put this in me i knew i was in the true fight of my life, aml leukemia os,, they day they took it out i knew i had a chance, the HICKMAN LINE ONE REASON MY LIVE WAS SPEARED, dr. finn PETERSEN WHO KNOW DR. HICKMAN SAVED ME, i call my scare MY FUKUSHIMA FISH HOOK,, NUCLEAR BULET WOUND,,, kevin D. blanch as i live to tell

Afaf Benhara says:

Excellent demo.

samantha Zammit says:

Because I had a perforation in my bowel and it needed to heal for 10 days

Claire Erin says:

Would love to try this!!! 🙂 Feeling confident.

samantha Zammit says:

Had this done 2 weeks ago, scariest thing ever!

Ivy Edan says:

I coded in the recovery room I have a scar on my neck from this. I wear it with pride they pushed 15 ivs into that line

PaladinBlades says:

I'm here because i binge watched all 8 seasons of Scrubs (9th doesn't count) and after every damn time they said "place a central line" but never showed it, i am finally curious enough.

lunchboxboy says:

dis is fked up

trainjustleft says:

"would too…"

kashif aziz says:

Very informative

CareAline Products says:

Yes, I am. You would to.

Lance Murray says:

Exactly. Screw the pain. You're getting it for a reason. Stop whining.

Lance Murray says:

Get the gas and forget the fluff. It's a transient pain anyway and don't make a big deal about it. You're doing something to save a life.

Lance Murray says:

Wasn't paying attention. You're hot.

Lance Murray says:

Pushing product.

CareAlineProducts says:

Keep your lines and caps safe and secure with the CareAline Central Line Wrap. Adult and Child sizes. No more tape to secure lines and caps. Comfortable, easy to use and can be worn durning treatment. Patients, Caregivers and Medical Professionals.

kevin blanch says:

the tapping of the spin as they do them both at the same time as the central line s for leukema treatment AS ALL US leukemai fighters dream everyday about the day it comes out, thank you for putting this up amazing

Kosoto123 says:

I am a respiratory therapist and when I perform an arterial blood gas analysis, I love it when my patients tell me that it wasn't that bad. That is my objective, to achieve this with the least pain possible. But there are times when you get close to that nerve and they feel a jolt in their arm-I hate that, but it is worse for the patient. I try to be conscious of a patient's pain, because they probably have a lot of other stuff on their mind.

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