2008 Brazil Grand Prix | Timo Glock’s Dramatic Final Lap

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A title-chasing Lewis Hamilton was in desperate pursuit as we go onboard with Timo Glock for a dramatic last lap of the 2008 season

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kingsmeadow says:

I had to stop because there came some stone. Though the seat. Up in the ass of Timo.

That Gamer Guy says:


Alex Brillant says:

Wow that car sounds awesome! Why not let them rev higher and loosen the grip on fuel rate of consumption? They're eco friendly enough you greedy bastards.

Joca Vieira says:

Thank you, Glock!!!

Gabriel Silva says:


Paolo Alfaro says:

People who believe that glock let hamilton through intentionally are in the same league as flat earth believers

Matheus Steinhorst says:

Glock is an awesome driver and the majority of the brazilian F1 fans know that wasn't his fault. His tires were extremely worn out and not the best for the track conditions. However, i think that he and his team made the best decision/strategy for him in that race, it almost worked. Sorry for the bad english, take care guys!

Miguel Copatti says:

ah vai toma no cu..

to de zoas, mas quem não fica puto!

YasH says:

What's happening ? I don't get it

Irfan Danial says:

We have a new batch of idiots; Idiots who think Glock was on Wet tyres when it ACTUALLY was DRY TYRES.

BWOAH Racing says:

The moment Massa was robbed.

Nx Doyle says:

I think it's funny that people express surprise that others believe Glock intentionally let Lewis through. People believe stranger and far more important things than this.

Jerry Joe says:

No matter who did what…I was watching that day & felt sick for Phil & his dad. Phil deserves to be a WC.

BlastForward says:

Nice slide at 1:10 🙂

ah 木 says:

bring back that SOUND pls.

Randy Orton [RKO] says:

The Glocks ticking Timo ……

Frank Xu says:

Wet track with a pair of old dry tyre….what do you expect? Poor Massa…..

Pedro Pedrone says:

I feel so sad by watching this

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