Taking my last chemo pill !

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Ammi ka Kitchen says:

can u contact me , i got year ago brain tumer surgry ,im scared i dont know whats going on with me, i am looking people to ask ,how long we surviwe which medecine work good?

avwoodson65 says:

God bless you I found out 4 days ago Christmas night well 3:00am that i have ossified meningiomas.
from your first video i had and continue to have all the symptoms you had except for the hand. i want to message you but i dont see where I can do that Im happy for you May You Continue to heal.

Shannon Studer says:

your a lovely lady very sweet wish you many years of love and good health loved your video it was very well done you have a beautiful message .

inspired Robin says:

God Bless You!!!! You are so beautiful inside and out! Praying for you.

Peachmetaphor says:

congratulations sweetie. I'm praying for you!

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