Life of an Interior Design Student

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Hi my name is Ba Do! and I make video of my everyday life as an interior design student to show what I do in class, I think it help people visually see what is really going on in the class room.
Hope my video help you guys somehow. Please share my video with anyone you know that interested in interior design career
Much love xoxo!!
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Rashi Jain says:

Can i become an interior designer if i have no imagining power of drawing.. But i love drawing

Maitha Aldaisi says:

i'm an interior design student in my third year in Uni and it is so frustrating and hard mentally and physically. I'm feeling down so thank you for this video

vlogswithkayte xx says:

Hi. What is the app you used for you to review ?? Thanks ❤️❤️❤️

Jius Santos says:

Hi may i know which app did you use in revewing about history? Im about to take my licensure examination this november, and i could use all the help i can get. History is extensive.

arpita bread says:

Im 13 years old, can u make a video on how to prepare for all this or something that can benefit us kids because I reallllllyyy wanna be a interior designer! Thanks!! 🙂 <3

Trish Schmidt says:

Can you tell me the books you are using?

Palu ffel says:

2:15 that's why the metric system is so great. I don't even see any benefits from your systems

Flower Bomb says:

Would you recommend getting macbook for interior design students or just a standard laptop

monyneath Heng says:

what year were u?

Lady Glitter Sparkles says:

Hello Ms. Mint Pastel Design, What school do you attend? Im in El Paso, Tx and seems like they only have one choice around here. I noticed you're in Texas as well.


do u have to know how to draw to be an interior designer??

Evanna Flowers says:

i want to be an interior designer this is very inspiring

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