Russian Lawyer: Donald Trump Jr Offered Potential Deal For Clinton Dirt | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Henry Meyer, senior government reporter based on Moscow for Bloomberg News, talks with Rachel Maddow about his interview with Natalia Veselnitskaya and her claim that Donald Trump Jr. offered a potential deal on Russian sanctions in exchange for Hillary Clinton dirt.
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Russian Lawyer: Donald Trump Jr Offered Potential Deal For Clinton Dirt | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Raymond Payette says:

Kudos to Henry Meyer and Maddow.

Thomas L says:

Enjoy prison Trumps!

MrDoublehappy says:

Trump Jnr would make such a better President than his Dad …. but then so would the Janitor …

Warrendoe says:

Oh so that that makes sense of the statement it was about adoption. …….reinstating it for overturning the Magnitsky Act. They’re all devious, self seeking

lopezb says:

"we shut it down" means "we hinted yes and then shut it down since everything was resolved
for both parties- we understood each other and agreed".

Windsor Castle says:

Putin has played Trump from day 1. Trump can't think ahead for more than a few days, Putin plays the long game.

Hector Feliciano says:

A classical telltale way to figure out if someone is lying is to watch their body language for indicators.

One of those is when you observe someone saying something affirmative like “we shut it down” but nodding your head no while you say it. If your body language expresses a contradictory signal you are lying lol. Try it with your kids. Did you do xyz they will say no and nod their head yes if they are lying. Or did you do your homework, they will say yes and shake their head no lol.

reidki009 says:

Russian lawyer offers dirt on Clinton donor in exchange for political favor. So naughty
Clinton and DNC pay money for dirt on Trump. That's just "opposition research."


I believe it’s a first threat from Putin, before his meeting with Trump in Asia. Telling him, I can harm your son if you don’t delivers…

Michael Garry says:

When are the GOP going to act like adults and try to retrieve any moral standing they have left by ending this?

RedShot101 says:

rachel madCOW never stops lmao

warbird channel says:

Hillary and Huma eat each other. It’s sickening. While her Pedophile husband looks for underage girls, what a sick disgusting family.

curandero verde says:

Jr & Manafort are not good at lying….And Sr. is a lie so it's difficult to tell if he's telling the truth..ever.

Barry Sabahat says:

Is it possible that these idiots didn’t know making this deal was illegal?

Kathleen Tyson says:

The Trump administrations mantra…." I don't recall I don't remember".
These disgraceful administration is going down and more quickly than I had tonight,Trump can feel Mueller's breath in his ear.

Kelli Barnhouse says:

Both Don jr., and this Russian lawyer
Have alot more to gain if they lie!
The Federal Attorney General,Jeff Sessions, just gave back millions of dollars in fines, leveied against
A Russian company this Russian lawyer was Representing! The case was about money launderd through New York Real Estate! Thats one way of paying the Russian back! The United States
Was owed that money! We have a huge deficit and Sessions gives Millions to the Russians! Isn't that just unusual! Sessions did Play a part in the Trump campaign, he knew that Don jr. And Mushner had stepped over the bounds legally
When they lied to recieve their security Clearance! Sessions knew Flynn and manafort were Russian Operatatives! He could not be in the Government for over 20 years and Not do Background checks on everyone in the campaign or the Administration! They can not Claim they are Stupid! This is out and out lying to cover their butts,
Now that the crap has hit the fan!

Goodcat007 says:

Man, Russia is playing the US like a fiddle.

Marie Summers says:

This is a woman was let in by the Obama Administration and we're going to take her word for anything. MSNBC you are pathetic . Rachel I am going to I love watching your career come to an end.

Rodya Raskolnikov says:

What we are witnessing is an unprecedented vicious attack on a democratically elected President and his patriotic supporters , by the corrupt Deep state, Globalist elites, Soros, fake news media and violent radical leftists.
It is time for the 65 Million Patriotic Americans who voted for Trump to fight back and defend their President by all means necessary . It is time to rise up and put an END to this witch-hunt . # MAGA #FireMueller

Rodya Raskolnikov says:

It was crooked Hillary and HUSSEIN Obumma who colluded with Russia and gave away 20% of American Uranium in exchange for millions of dollars in bribes . The corrupt democRATS have no right to accuse anyone of collusion .
Mueller is neck deep in corruption himself and he is a member of the globalist Deep State . President Trump must fire mueller and save America from this witch-hunt that is costing American taxpayers Billions of dollars. # MAGA

Free Speech says:

Quid pro quo? Lol Hillary, Bill are going to prison! Russia and Uranium One here we come!

Carlos Torrey says:

Judge Jeanine Pirro….."its time to shut it down and turn the tables….thats right I said it….lock them up….I actually said it…..lock them up" looks like this traveling circus of clowns and bafoons is about to make its final stop………..jail

601salsa says:

The timing would work, russuans help trump get elected but once in office trump realised he cant do what he wants (even though he tries) and congress force him to sign a bill reinforcing sanctions against russia. Now they have forced trump to act on those sanctions and suddenly the dirt on trump is coming to light. I am half expecting a audio tape of that conversation to suddenly find its way to the internet and news media of that jr russia jume meeting. That would make me laugh, trumps guys circumnavigate secret service so she isnt searched and now russia might have a tape of the meeting. Lmfao how dumb can trump and his family be. Lol

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