President Donald Trump addresses troops in Japan (full)

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President Donald Trump sends a message that the American military and its allies remain a strong presence in the region.


patricia clifton says:

Thank you Mr President for making America Great again.

LM Boca says:

I'm just here to read the butthurt trump comments, this will be a fun 7 years

Brandon Colongo says:

So proud of our President. Wish the resistance would let up a little.

Emi Aguilar says:

Like si cres que donald es un pendejo
El peor presidente de E.U

nigella4me says:


John Grimm says:

I can't take more then a minute of this asshole. Just came to see the Russian trolls. Fuck Trump and everyone of his supporters.

Kommandant Lars says:

This comment section is cancer. Im ready for another korean war.

John Smith says:

Trump to Troops be like Samarai Warriors and shoot Kantana and Throwing stars to stop ICBM missles

Frank Crossword says:

The bone spur commander without the ability to string a cogent sentence together can have his happy clappy audience yeehah every vaccuous platitude uttered.

Jed247 says:

who tf even watches cnn anymore?

Don't subscribe to me says:

What is Donald Trump telling all his supporters? Orange Is The New Black.

Mike will says:

President Trump Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross has ties to Putins son in law. His company Navigator holdings, it's largest Client is Putin's son in laws company, and Ross has over a 12 off shore tax haven companies that he failed to disclose. The investigation continues…


But…he does not feel the bone spurs during a gulf game…he is joke to AMERICA..

fuckers hit says:

gaffer !clown president ever !

MzShaybutta says:

Wait a minute…Did he say, "Any nation in the past that underestimated us, it wasn't pleasant for them was it?" TO THE COUNTRY WE DROPPED TWO NUCLEAR WARHEADS ON?????????? Is this muthafucka serious? How insulting is that? I'm so sorry Japan, he does not speak for all of us..

Peña Nieto says:

jaja que imbecil

que venga a mexico y le parto la madre

O says:

The Japanese love to be the USA's bitch


Was he having a stroke when attempting to pronounce "Resolve"?

Zaphod Beeblebrox says:

True Bravery is standing up there with excruciatingly debilitating bone spurs in his left foot… oh, wait, it's the right… um, maybe it's the left.

lg71020896 says:

Japan is just steps away from becoming a US proxy

doggo sammo says:

Why is everyone so triggered in this comment section?!

RedAlfa says:

i'm suprise he didn't ask Japan to pay for USA protection,Trump:"you either pay for protection or we leave".

Lori Lake says:

Thank you Mr. President!

Simon Cow says:

Take that Military jacket off fool your not in the Air Force, put that suit blazer back on its what sleazy snake oil salesmen wear best.

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