How to Get Better at Math

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If you want to improve your math skills, you need to do lots of math. But how do you progress when you come across a problem that seems impossible? Well, if summoning the spirit of Jeff Goldblum doesn’t work, the tips in this video just might.

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Thomas Frank says:

Whoops – looks like my computer had a bit of a rendering hiccup around the 5:00 mark. In case it wasn't clear, that part just said that both sites provide step-by-step solutions that you can follow along with.

Viron Estrada says:

Hey. Great video. Can you also make a video on how to write/make a blog? Thanks. Great fan here. 🙂

mollerbt says:

Sorry Bruh but this video is full of mistakes. How can you deny that some people's brains are more math oriented? I don't have a math brain. I can prove this. I put more time in to studying then most of my classmates. But I'm failing. It takes me longer to grasp new math concepts. You telling me this is all in my head? Nah. On the flip side. I've always been a great writer. I've always received top grades and praise for my writing style. My flow. My use of Grammer and punctuation to say what I want to say and have it sound how I want to sound. Other people can't write well. Why can I? I never practice. I never write outside of what's needed for school. Why the hell am I good at writing with minimal effort!? My own life supports that your wrong with this. And I can back it up with life experiance and reasoning. I'm not just making things up. I don't have a math friendly brain and every single tutor in the schools tutoring center knows this because I'm always in there. Always getting tutored. But failing. Why? Since we have very different views on this, if your interested, I would be down for an actual convo about the topic. I also want to add that genetics plays a critical role in one's potential intelligence, proven in studies, and seen in Steve Jobs own autobiography. Have you read it? You should. There is most certainly math brains and non math brains my friend. On this one you are mistaken.

froncifresh says:

How about a video on how to keep praticing math as a hobby for those who aren't in school or actively studying it? In high school i used to love math but i chose a humanistic path for my studies and i realized just now, watching your video, how much i miss the challenge of it and also how much i struggled to even remember what a summation is or even the most basic concepts. Where should i begin again?

ArcaneCookie says:

I think on the example the exponent should have been outside the square root… not 100% sure though

Martin Vadakara says:

I failed Cal II last semester feeling depressed with a D. I'm taking it now, doing well, and recently got a 91 on a test. Honestly, you have to just practice the concepts as they come along and find the time to master or at least partially master it.

Wiinter says:

What if my math is only at a basic early high school level? To be honest numbers never made sense to me, I would sit down to do a math problem and suddenly become very time conscious and lose my ability to focus over and over. I would be interested in learning better math skills but It seems very difficult to jump into, the problems in this video for instance seem undecipherable in my mind.

Mia 666 says:

I've been watching this channel since i was in 8th grade, now I'm in 11th and i don't think i would have gotten the grades i do without this channel. GOD BLESS YOU I HAVE A MATHS ASSIGNMENT THATS BEEN KILLING ME RIGHT NOW AND I FEEL MUCH BETTER

argha halder says:

Whats ur profession

im probably going to jail says:

fuqthis im stupid

Greg Spradlin says:

I've found that Khan Academy is great for learning math conceptually.

Agitated_Porcupine says:

Well that ship has sailed

Kallisto Indrani says:

That example… my god :O

Eden Forrest says:


Vincent Aquino says:

I should start with addition

Ryn says:

I used to use beilliant in middle school!!

Celaeno says:

Today, I almost decided to stop studying computer science – because the math required for pursuing this major was just too hard for me and i lost motivation day by day. So thanks Thomas that you uploaded this video just in time! 🙂

JASS is me says:

I just got out of school and I did fairly well at math, I was probably in the top 10 percentile but the problem is that all of what I learned is kinda fading slowly and slowly as I find it very difficult to apply my knowledge in the real world.

ThatOneHammy says:

Khan Academy is completely free, and it seems pretty similar to Brilliant, although there are super helpful videos that explain the concept step-by-step. 🙂

Hanisah Hanis says:

who can help me with add math grade 11 igcse problems?

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