What To Eat – Healthy Food Prep

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You guys keep asking us to show you what we eat each day, so I had a late start at the gym and time to film my mornings food prep. Just bare in mind I’m currently dieting on 2500 calories a day and today was a very low carb day. I don’t eat that way everyday, so we will film another video of what a high carb days looks like for us. Also a more balanced approach for those of you who want to nail the basics.

There are many ways to get in shape and this is what we finds work well for us as we have a relatively short time to diet at the moment. We have 3 low carb days like this a week, 2 of them being non training days. The rest will be med carb & at least 1 re-feed day that comes on legs days or which every session we work the hardest.

Regardless of our approach the fundamentals are always the same REAL foods, as little processed food as possible.

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22ChaoticCrew says:

Lol thank God I live in America

Sprulsey says:

I do like the meals there, look good

Roarke Margery says:

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Bob Carroll says:

i don't like broccoli I'll do green beans is that okay

Emir Becic says:

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Lucian Ivan says:

who teached You that a dead animal and killed again with fire is doing You at least one good thing? You need to reconsider your info sources. peace and love

Tina Angel says:

What are some good meals to eat without eating meat? I can't cook anything, I can only put things together, and how do you make it last a whole week? ty.

XZoro X says:

Not taking any advise from a skinny twig.

Kelly poa says:

actually new studies show coconut oil is terrible for ya

ben kattenhorn says:

I know you probably won't reply to this but I really need some help, I'm 20 years old and I'm getting my amateur jockey licence I desperately need someone to help me put together a meal plan I'm weighing 9st on the dot and I ideally want to be 8-5 at the most I want to progress into becoming a professional if I'm good enough and can do the weight . Please any help would be great

farnaaz khan says:

John! Loved that video, You're a star!! And you cat is just the cutest!

Healthy Food For kids says:

Great video but just an observation; won't the hot chicken at 1:36 wilt the spinach that it's placed on? I'd let the chicken cool before placing on the spinach leaves.

Me At last says:

I was going to say feeling good but yhaa  that works I guess

Frank Reinke says:

what do you season your chicken with?

Shim Glits says:

are you jim chapman

Lee Slater says:

Might be a stupid question, but do you reheat the food before eating throughout the day or just eat it cold?

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