Top 5 Smartphone Features That Have Trended Down or No Longer Exist

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Smartphone talk usually centers around the latest innovation, but here are five hardware trends that are trending down or no longer exist.

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Lanh Nguyen says:

Hey ya'll. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback so far! I'll be in the comment section for the next hour so let's have a chat!

Esteban Caballero says:

anything on an LG phone pretty much

Lydia Robertson says:

If a cellphone doesn't have a headphone jack or removable battery, I'm not interested.

Jake Maningding says:

Removable battery. MOTO G5 FTW!

Aurα вírdч says:

I stjll like the removable batteries, so I don't have to ship my phone to the factory, I can easily buy a new battery at the store where I got my phone.

Brian says:

Going to continue fighting to keep the headphone jack. While wireless headphones are nice they don't have a great track record with my usage. And the idea of having to hold onto an attachment at all times is ridiculous to me. I watched a guy that's currently travelling around Asia take the time to add a headphone jack to the iPhone 7. These companies can try and remove it, but we will physically add it back if we must!

Power Bound says:

why on earth would you want a thinner phone, it essentially means that it's easier to break and has less hardware space, I personally think that about 1.5 to 2. cm is the ideal thickness for a phone as in my experience it's the largest size that's not uncomfortable, just think about it, a big as hard to break phone with a headphone jack and a bigass battery that can last about 2 times longer as well as some space for extra hardware

Power Bound says:

I still like physical keyboards, I had one like 3 years ago… still want one, they feel comfortable as hell… also super thin phones suck, they're much more fragile and can fit less hardware… I'd take a iPhone with a earphone jack that's 2 cm thick over the iPhone X… or better yet not a iPhone at all… preferably a Samsung or blackberry

Marius Ghiță says:

pen on cheap smartphones

Joe Pro says:

I REALLY miss the thermometer on the S4, as well as infrared blasters.

Woofer Cooker says:

iPhone has a front facing speaker since the iPhone 7

Junhai Yang says:

Lanyards holes … I believe it exists only on Sony phones these days

OddAndAbout says:

Honestly I still used headphones and I refuse to move on from it so headphone jacks better not be dying

Neigh Slayer says:

I actually prefer the optical track pad because it's more precise than a touchscreen. Works well with scrolling, doesn't block out the screen with a finger and it keeps you from accidentally clicking on things.
I also prefer tactile keyboards for the same reason. I'd like to see the screen while I type.

technology productions 2017 says:

I was fine with Android phones being thick

Brian Plotts says:

Samsung please do not get rid of the headphone jack

Adelhard Schwarz says:

Xiaomi still has IR blaster and headphone jack

Harry Katsaros says:

Uhm… the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X all have a front facing speaker.

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