[Full Album] Software – Digital-Dance LP (Innovative Communication, 1988)

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https://www.discogs.com/release/1203697 (tracklist below)

A Berlin-School classic: Peter Mergener and Michael Weisser as SOFTWARE with their Digital-Dance LP album on IC (run by Klaus Schulze), recorded from the original vinyl. Esoteric multimedia synth madness embedded in fancy digital artwork and “high-tech-poetry”…

Side B:
00:00 – Island-Sunrise
06:32 – Magic-Beach
11:56 – Sea-Gulls-Audience
18:26 – Digital-Dance

Side A:
24:15 – Oceans-Breath
33:33 – Magnificient-Shore
41:18 – Waving-Voices

(yes, they like hyphens)


¡Skillz Flav'! says:

My mom brought me here.


stylization max

djduck33 says:

maybe god is actually a subtonal wave of illusion

Saturn Calling says:

Sounds like a Tyler The Creator sample

RealToughCandy says:

Is this even real? This is too good!!

richard says:

I am proud that musicians like Software, Kraftwerk or Neu! are from Germany. Being so much ahead of their time…

Joana Saldivar says:

Utterly gorgeous!
Thanks for upload this.
I like it so much, it's make me happy.
Thank Ü, again and again. 😉
Salutes from Mexico.

Raúl Durán says:

It's very difficult to look for its music, because of the name: Software. You are sent to many parts. Anyway I started liking this group about 20 years ago.

fhs says:

dakeschön , grazie ;d

Chandler Massey says:

great choonz whateva the speed

Careless Magallon says:

i loved <3

Dirk Diggler says:

Perfect music to rape myself to.

Vindermur Saturnion says:

The sunlight shone in the poisoned wood and has eaten his energy. Within an hour beams have already passed to the beach filled with people. On groups of people hot steam has been created………………..

Michael Bushwell says:

P R E – A E S T H E T I C !

javier perez says:

you know its gonna be an awesome concept album when it opens with waves

FangTheShark says:

unbelievable how ahead of its time this was. absolutely remarkable

wonderpulp says:

wowwww that album art tho

David Sabethai says:

this is like the fog by stephen king minus the fear element

triplenippel123 says:

Emulator II, PPG Wave written all over it. Amazing tunes, great project.

Gol dorak says:

Berlin school at discogs 😉

Maletchy says:

Fuck. I just went on a random music spree. Started with Japanese jazz and ended here… man, this is out of this world!

RockPuppetzGaming says:

Why is it not played in consecutive order…?

Danny Seaton says:

I brought me here.

xarve says:

fuck, this is AMAZING from start to finish!

Matheus Coelho says:

The wave already denounces what is to come: the diving inside this disc. Wonderful.

Dayna W. says:

My computer brought me here.

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