Don’t Judge Too Quickly Funny Ads Compilation

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Ju Lien says:

more like ameriquest compilation

Technical GurudevaRaj says:

nice funny video

Paper cat Plane Doctor says:

The first one The cat did a accident why di u wanna kill it brah


I can't stop laughing

Wise man ! says:

What is this video supposed to be

SovietCoding says:

half of them i don't understand

PeeHi says:

Wtf this actual ad played before the video

blue exploding creeper AWSOME says:

just the worst vid ever

Emanuel Mendez says:


Temptations says:

An.. actual funny video?

Laura Jusu says:

Don't understand second commercial 0:45

Shah C says:

omfg the ad with the daughter looking like a hooker hahahahaha

ucheucheuche says:

That last one was nasty, full stop. He still ate it from the ground.

Lito De Torres says:

I didnt really understand the forgot your wallet one

TheWeirdoGirl says:

The first is THE BEST! XD

Juuj Ne says:

okay….those were just funny

avatar jonh says:

im back yooooo

Fist Power says:

worst moments

Kaneki Ken says:

at first when i saw the cat i was dying of adorableness can i have that cat

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