7 Most Funny Indian TV ads of this decade – Part 14 (7BLAB)

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7 of the funniest video ads of this decade. This is the Fourteenth in the series.

Brands featured in the ads are as under
1. Kwicnic
2. Centre Fresh
3. Fevicol Marine
4. Scotch Brite
5. Center Fruit
6. Greenply
7. Vodafone

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Abdullah butt says:

bhohot samaj dhar hay india walay wha in ki ak video ne baneney nahey a they

Soldiers Lover says:

are wahhh "ye wala" is too good

cvcvcv cv says:

tu copy kyu kar raha he

red cat says:

What was the song in fevicol ad?

Kusum Joshi says:

it's damn for

Parveen Parveen says:

4.13 beautifull girl

Abdul Hadi Wahab says:

I like 'Yeh Waala'

Deepak Kumar says:

Aaapko chaiye ye wala vdo…

Bikie Kick says:

the best was the center fresh

trushali chavan says:

Tumhe like karna chahiye ye wala video

Subhransu Mohanty says:

After all Fevicole.

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