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Robbert Dijkgraaf is a mathematical physicist. Extra footage from this interview:
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This video was filmed at the 2017 National Math Festival in Washington DC.

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Numberphile says:

Extra footage from this interview:

Jaime Duncan says:

But it’s the same that happened with calculus, and with calculus of variations etc

LDiabolo says:

Fascinating! What a brilliant man. The fact that I could follow what was being talked about as a complete layman shows just how well he simplified it, and that means he has a deep understanding of it.

samuelju2 says:

I hate studying math at school, and somehow every video about math in this channel fascinated me.

GoldyLuck says:

Consciousness is the arbitrary path of advantageous self realization patterns through a multiverse. Kind of like wave theory.

Microage says:

Physics creates Maths, Maths creates Physics. There is no "winner".

chase marangu says:

general relativity ∧ quantum mechanics = special relativity

drkjk says:

Just throwing this out there, but Robbert Dijgraaf looks remarkably like a bit younger, blonde James Woods, the Hollywood actor.

Cyramor11 says:

Math describes physics
Physics demonstrates math

Gamer Squadrent Alpha says:

Without physics, maths is useless numbers. Without maths, physics is useless theories. The two go hand in hand and are needed to give eachother purpose


Mathematics is a tool. Physics is truth. That's what I think.

Lopoga X says:

physics is math applied to objects

James Ch says:

Math??? I thought this is a british channel

snow leopard says:

Is Quantum Mechanics the new Flat Earth Theory. I think we will look back and wonder how on earth were we that foolish.

Mike X says:

you don't look at zero. zero looks at you

Rigel Ernest J. says:

Watch out world! I am coming! 🙂

Debapriya Kar says:

Am I the only one who thinks Robert looks exactly like Schrödinger??

VanHilz says:

Math is just fine without science. What would science be without math?

sam111880 says:

But to the other point its very possible the model could lead to completely new ways of thinking i.e math thought as well

sam111880 says:

it won't revolution math but it would give new subjects of math based on the fact that these new concepts/models of physics now have to be analysis in a mathematical theory? And these math objects don't nessarilly lead to new math ways of thought we may already have the math to describe the model we just don't know the model yet.

Frost says:

Is math related to science?

Andrew Budiman says:

…and not a single gradient operator was introduced…

Sahnoune Khaled says:

"many many years of evolution" you're a mathematichian you must prove this phrase by maths

Diego Terr says:

Never really struggled with math but I actually struggle with physics.

Muhammad Mairaj says:

Outstanding explanation !

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