Economy (Money system) explained in 30 minutes

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How money system works.


michael hyslop says:

Beautiful presentation, thank you very much Ray. I think it might have had a little more depth on productivity growth and the Symmetry between supply-side and demand side efficiency growth. Especially with regards to the deleveraging phase. Looking forward to your next book!

Radi Yonchev says:

Really nice video.

el ro says:

the financial system is horrible,created by secret societies to rule the world by making everyone poor.

the fact that is not mentioned in the video is that regular banks prints most of the new money and
have an unfair advantage to regular people lending money that lend only the money they have.

Jannie Schlüter says:

3:14 Central Bank does not control ANYTHING.

I have no name , or do I? says:

Great video and animation dude!!

Derrick Adjei says:

I love the illustrations, beautiful work done with great wisdom.

Dwayne Spence says:

i love this video…….. very informative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a64750 says:

1. All Governments print money, issue debt, & tax. Every product & service is FREE 24/7/365. 2. Business print share, issue debt, some make profit. 3. People rent or borrow for a home, car. That's how the Economy & (Money system) work! doh!

ast453000 says:

At first I thought “oh no, another nameless voice-over video that’s going to try to get me to buy gold by scaring me about the evil Fed and government debt.” But this video is basically right. The problem is that few academic economists understand it and no politicians do.

MG3AEH says:

This is brilliant.. THANKS!

Dulguun Otgon says:

Why haven't we found better system/model. We have all these great mathematicians and economists.

rahimi zafari says:

the perfect solution would be if you can't afford to have something with your own money then don't get it with credit !!

cain Kuri says:

Amazing video…

Aaron Meininger says:

The US central bank cannot print money, only the treasury department can do that. Stop lying to people

Josh Settles says:

Went to downvote this for lack of understanding of our monetary system.. realized I've already watched this and had already downvoted haha.

Inherent Emperor says:

Islamic financial system is the best which has no interest. The only religion in the world which considers interest as a grave sin

Remzi Zengin says:

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Blauw druk says:

Why is government is split up into 'central government and 'central bank'? The central bank is a private for profit organisation. Not owned by the government at all.

Muhammad Mubashirullah says:

Beautifully explained. Thanks

O Soul says:

It's a simple explanation and leaves out one of the biggest factors in the economy: psychology. If the economy were that simple economists would be better able to predict what will happen next.

Muhammad Mubashirullah says:

Let me tell you when I will borrow money on such terms: NEVER!!
We have a borrowing system here in my country that is based on partnership. If I borrow money to make a business, the lender shares in my profits. The lender however also shares on my loses.
This system of credit means I have to repay no matter what happens to my business. The bank always win whereas in the other case, it is people friendly. There is more to it. This is how much of what I understand it.


Great animation, they should show this in schools

Although the Central Bank is a private bank essentially and are in bed with the Government. The system can be manipulated.and printing money is basically 'fraud' at a state level.

Moral is, live well within you means and you should also invest in Gold.

smarf11 says:

Credit is not created out of thin air. The fact that banks do not have to detain large amount of money in order to give credit is outrageous!

Gabriel De Hoyos says:

The animation on this video is amazing :O

Alex Olteanu says:

This is explained from a rich persons perspective

Abdeali Chopra says:

If every single person in this planet gave out 1% of what they earned to charity/needy there won't ever be any economic problems

Luleka Ngwenya says:

Beautiful and informative presentation

Victor Schmidt says:

He just described a ponzi scheme. There is only enough money to pay the original debt, not the interest.

The people with the most money do not return it into the system. More credit is given to make up for the money that has been taken out of the economy. Finally there is a person that cannot repay the debt, no problem his collateral is collected by the lender. The lender gets something of true value for the credit that they gave out of thin air.

rynysel says:

excellent presenatation

John Angula says:

An amazing video, I learned so much. Thank you.

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