The Science of Anti-Vaccination

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Fewer children in the United States are getting vaccinated. That’s bad news for those kids, and also for public health in general. Often, the response is to argue and debate and get angry at people who are we see as making terrible, irrational decisions. Instead of doing that, let’s use science to understand why this is happening in the first place.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Meta-Analysis of the Safety of Vaccines:
The Internet and the Psychology of Vaccination Decisions:
Naturalness Bias:
Omission Bias and Vaccines:
Difficulty in changing minds once they’re made:
Onset Patterns of Autism:
Bad is Stronger than Good – Negativity Bias:
Parental Vaccine Decision Making:
Read more about Risk Perception:
And Explanatory Style:


sanity's quota says:

This was an incredibly open-minded and well researched video. I applaud SciShow's devotion to facts and ability to present them in a non-accusatory manner. Thank you for educating without insulting those who may not have understood the topic beforehand. I will strive to be more understanding of those who do not see my side of similarly difficult issues. Bravo.

Brenden Pischke says:

Okay, I am definitely naturally biased. For some reason I just don't trust humanity's chemistry field of science with my body. I am just way more interested in finding natural solutions for problems with the human body.

My family has quite the range of health issues (non life threatening of course). And for so long I've watched them go to medicine for treatments as more an more issues keep popping up. Medicine helps but they do keep coming back. I've had some of their issues too but in ignoring their advice and following them with how they treat those issues, I've only ever had the same issues once and then never see it again. For example, a big issue that almost everyone on my mother's side has is dry and cracking skin on their hands and feet. But instead of treating it with moisturising cream, I looked towards foods to help my body deal with the issue on it's own. Eventually my body corrected the issue, and I've never had dry and cracking skin again.

Dennis Reiss says:

I love that you put sources in the description. Thanks Hanks

Justin Dolan says:

Here is a response that was not paid for by the people profiting from the sale of Vaccines.  But don't take my word for it or even the Doctor that wrote the article.  Educated yourself and do research. Vaccines have the problems  that we are lied to about by the sellers and shills.

Matt C says:

Long story short: idiots like Jenny McCarthy got it in their heads that they knew more about preventative medical care than medical professionals, so they convinced the gullible masses that something helpful is harmful. And, because nobody conducts even basic research before leaping to often dangerous conclusions, they were able to get by with it and start a new movement. These people should be in jail for causing so many unnecessary illnesses and deaths.

ryan revolt says:

Who do they think they're fooling? It's not that the vaccine doesn't work, it's just that it was a cheap version? hahahaha So whether a vaccine works or not depends solely on the price hahahahaha

Sanjivan Loganathan says:

Great video. But dude iron your shirt.

S LeBlanc says:

If this is Science, where is the bibliography of sources?  Especially for the cognitive bias presented in your presentation of the psychology of those who want to see the actual studies?  The minute I hear a sneering tone of voice, I know it is NOT science.

Mate Safranka says:

Naturalness bias: I read someone in an online discussion proudly say they never buy anything with "ascorbic acid" in it, only "vitamin C".

Negativity bias: A GP once told me about a child who had epilepsy and got her first seizure just before she was about to be vaccinated. While the GP was obviously sorry for her, he was still relieved that the seizure came before the shot, because had it been the other way around, he probably never could've convinced the parents that the epilepsy wasn't caused by the vaccine.

Kayleigh Perry says:

Do you want to know a 100% true fact. Kids that are vaccinated DO GET AUTISM and are affected by a whole heap if problems after they get vaccinated. Any one who thinks they don't are stupid.

But kids who rant vaccinated. DO GET AUTISM and do have a whole heap of problems afterward. It's just not caused by the vaccines. What ever happens to you it would happened weather you were vaccinated or not. It's just easy to find something to blame.

Linda Q says:

This fool is actually comparing measles to autism. I had 3 vaccines in my life and still alive, how does that happen? It goes for most people I know and millions of others. Science?? Science is controlled by the same companies that sell the drugs or they fund it. Vaccines are safe and effective is a sales slogan, the overwhelming independent science says the opposite. The US Supreme Court says the opposite. The Italian Court says the opposite. Hundreds of thousands of parents, Drs, immunologists, scientists say the opposite. 1 in 48 now have autism (brain damage) and it is almost always after vaccines, yet it is completely ignored. That is the real epidemic. It is proven Science can be bought and corrupt, tobacco science, sugar industry science, coke cola science, Vioxx science, birth defects with certain drugs, etc. etc. Real vaccine science is slim and sketchy by design. Read the incerts, VAERS and US Vaccine Injury Court reports to start.

Zingboy G says:

Is There A Vaccine For Stupidity

Elliot Hoffend says:

hey go check out this thing called WAKESHEEP and go to their anti vaccine vid. and go type a #nasty commet in that vid. like i did. #####################GET UR VACCINE MOTHER FUCKERS

Thomas Leach says:

damn vaccines gave me a superiority complex

Sekai Ni Heiwa says:

This video followed by comments of shills, children of brainless ignorant parents, Harvard spooks, medical school students and Bieber fans. Which one is you?

Reversed says:

Okay, let's say vaccines did cause autism. I can't be the only person who would rather an autistic child than a dead one, can I?

your nightmare says:

Alright let’s see the options: autism, a mental(cognitive, you know what I mean) syndrome that is not deadly and just leads to a bit of mental impairment. Or… polio

killer47 says:

Dont worry guys, its just natural selection at work here

Walleye Slayer says:


Jason Wine says:

I have my masters in biochemistry and physics working for a PhD in particle physics. So my credentials consider me a scientist. Regardless the link between autism and vaccinations​ you mentioned is true. But you're missing the whole other world of problems that can arise from it. For example (saving the technical talk) the newest flu vaccine​ I've seen contained an ingredient known to be very harmful to vitamin E product which leads to oxidation problems. One of the many plethora of subtle Hidden affects of effects in vaccines. Though, if morals wasn't called into question I would rather deal with 5-10% of the population dealing with oxidation problems than a polio outbreak.

IntarwebUser says:

Thanks for taking the high road and not insulting people who don't vaccinate… Much respect.

KnuxMaster 368 says:


Cursedhound says:

Wait, so if there was a disease that has a 100% mortality rate and is very infectious, and can only be cured by a vaccine that causes autism, anti-vaccine supporting ppl would choose not to vaccinate their child?

sofucking what says:

Really good explanation..

Chise says:

basically anti-vaxers are saying "I'd rather have a DEAD CHILD from a preventable disease than an Autistic Child"

mfawaz says:

My cousin is autistic and was completely normal until he got some vaccines

Malakah says:

dont listen to this guy

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