Top banned commercial ads

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00:00 Big Sausage Breakfast 1:04 Superbowl Kate Upton Super Bowl Commercial Carls Jr 2015 1:59 Hardee’s – Tex Mex Bacon Thickburger -Borderball 2:40 Hardee’s – The Most American Thickburger 3:20 Hardee’s & Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Commercial with Charlotte McKinney 4:20 Carl’s Jr.Hannah Ferguson and Paris Hilton Commercial 2014 I Love Texas 5:17 BBQ’s Best Pair – Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Commerical – Sara Underwood, Emily Ratajkowski

Sexy Valentines Day Commercial Agent Provocateur Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Advertiser: Agent Provocateur Model: Rosie Huntington-Whitely Boyfriend: Charley Speed Cleaning Lady: Jean Brooks Music: “Overture-La gazza ladra” (Gioacchino Rossini) Performed by Orchestra Filarmonica della Scala “Tie Me Up” (Corre, Mainardi, Garrikk) Performed by Dirty Stop Out Written and directed by: Gregg Williams


Edwin Galang says:

What did i even watch?

Modzilla says:

Why do you have to lick a hot dog

Sonic The Hedgehog says:

its ironic that most of these ads are from Carl's Junior And Hardee's

Charlie's Channel says:

2:49 that hotdog looks gross. It doesn't seem like they are advertising food it looks they are advertising women.

Joban Khela says:

The sec ones isn't hot

Monster Kitty says:

What's the firsts ones. Add for

Ceaseless Agony says:


Josh wins says:

The c.o.d. one was epic

MrTyz3nn says:

01:32 dat nip slip though (put at 0.25 speed to catch it)

me says:

I'm on the werid side of youtube agian

DoitDoug says:

Just proves that a guy dating a hot girl gets bored and stupid sooner or later.

sid mia143 says:

Gud…! nyc

Wivio says:

im ok with ads
im ok with buffer
but when ads buffer
i suffer

ricks pawnshop says:

im a vegan and im offended

Puppy Mainia says:

what is up with Carl's Jr

Maurice D. says:

godammit Carl's Jr

Team Xd says:

video one banned

No use for lazy people None. says:

I find it Sad that the man that OWNS Carl's JR is a Married Man with a family and yet hire this ad company to use half Naked women to do his commercials. NOT a good role model for his kids, Or anyone ELSE'S Kids…me thinks

darkwolfhaven13 says:

I'm starting to wonder/realize why I've never ever seen an ad for Carl's Junior

Swinde says:

7:31 …  Hmmm  Mountains in the backdrop of a Memphis, TN Barbeque festival?  They do have a contest every year in May, but they do not have any mountains.  I don't even think there are any mountains visible in Memphis, TX.

Joshua Rillema says:

I would have died if they put the brecci on the call of duty commercial

Khapiter Dahiya says:

subscribed u subscribe me

Nicholas Mcdougald says:

what wrong with the girls with all those burger?

Review 'N' Preview says:

watch this guys. 🙂 so funny ..

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