Taylor Swift a CHEATER? Kendall Jenner Stands By Her Man, Rob Kardashian Weight Loss Surgery -DR

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Was Taylor Swift’s new song ‘Gorgeous’ a glimpse into her relationship with Calvin Harris? Also, Kendall Jenner is Blake Griffin’s new #1 courtside fan. Plus, did Rob Kardashian secretly have surgery to lose his weight? Find out in the Hollyscoop Daily Rewind!

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joanna andrade says:

The decor looks like an onion saver and a bottle of hot sauce smh

Reputation Tay says:

Like she said "There will be no further explanation, there'll just be reputation." everything she wrote in Reputation were all made up the media, like what she did to Blank Space.

rachmat riyadi says:

This is not objective news

yuli yulia says:

I love the Host. is twins ?so beautiful then Taylor Swift….

Nelly says:

All the taylor songs off reputation sofar have been written in a way that the media would look at it. She twisted the truth so the media wouldn't have to. That gets clear if you look at the lyrics properly and do some more research. It's very likely gonna be a concept album

Richard Campea says:

But didn't Taylor Swift date Tom Hiddleston between Calvin and the other guy? That timeline doesn't really work out

Bruh Whut says:

This YouTube channel is TRASH! Unsubscribing! They always make story with the click bait thingy!

Sandra Youtube says:


Brooky Sexy says:

I can't stand the way they talk and trying to act so cool.

Angel & Suzi's Life says:

It’s time for Rob to go !

Amelia Nicholson says:

I'm not a big fan of Taylor but I know people who got to go to the secret sessions and Taylor told them that Gorgeous is about her one year with her boyfriend

Samuel Singh says:

I love Taylor Swift

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