Chemo Round 1… again! | Adriamycin & Taxotere for Metastatic Breast Cancer

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My Oncologist did not want to waste time, and only a few days after finding out about my recurrence, I underwent my first round of chemotherapy :Adriamycin & Taxotere for my breast metastasis to the lungs. Here’s how it went…

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R.I.P. says:

Nalie, you are an awesome and truly an amazing human being. Your aura is excellent. Be Blessed –

Emerald Gem says:

change your life and diet and follow Chris beat cancer.

Katchie A says:

I heard taxotere had the effect of permanent alopecia. I have an acquaintance that had taxotere about 6 years ago and her hair didn't grow back and she had to wear a wig for the rest of her life.

sneha latha says:

Hii Nalie.. You are such an inspiration for every person out there who crib for every lil things in life. Like I do.. You are truly a grt human being.. Prayers always wid u sweet heart..

Gabriella Haro says:

What an admirable young lady, take care and hope you will not let Cancer get the best of you! You seem so strong…and you have a nice personality!

Brittany Russell says:

praying for you!

Jason Taylor says:

Its so true they don't wait. I've had 3 treatments and am just now diagnosed as not having lung cancer. Instead its pulmonary fibrosis. But I had a fast growing mass like area over 7.2cm in my lower left lobe. Also pleural thickening with pleural effusion that won't leave. Also I have a left lung full with granulomataous lung disease. So I can see their mistake. I still here talk about a biopsy of my Pleura? I haven't learned a whole lot, except my right lung is strong still. And now I need immunotherapy. Good luck to you Angel Lady named Nalie

Khadijah Kay says:

feel better God knows all … always think positive

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