The BEST Free: OS’s, Games, and Software.

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Hello and Welcome back to another Budget Builds Episode where today we’ll be taking a look at some of the best free software around, the advantages of each and why I reccomend them from operating systems to recording software, I’m sure you’ll find it in this video. Links will be further down in the description. Enjoy 😀

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Phantom Crash OST – In White
Sims 2 – Region 1

CPU: Ryzen 5 1600
RAM: 8GB DDR4 2666Mhz
GPU: Radeon R9 285

Operating Systems

Windows 10:
Elementary OS:
Windows ME:
Windows 98:
Windows Whistler (XP Beta):



Halo 5: See Windows Store
Forza 6 Apex: See Windows Store
Battlefield 2:
Simcity 2000:


Recording Software



Editing Software:

Movie Maker:


Other Software:

MSI Afterburner:
Open Hardware Monitor:
DXDIAG: “Windows Key + R” and type in “Dxdiag”


Budget-Builds Official says:

So guys the Battlefield Revived program has been shut down by EA till the in-game art and links to EA are removed. So there is hope for a return. In the meantime concider checking out:
-Path of Exile

All of which nearly made the list. Hope this helps guys.

Connor Crase says:

Halo 5 and Forza 6 were released in 2015 not 2016


Love it! Original too!

Lucas Media Group says:

How did Davinci Resolve 14.0.1 not make it for editing? Also hitfilm is SHIT

Tech NOW says:

You forgot to talk about DaVinci Resolve, which is completely free and has no limitations (well, you cant use some very high end
professionnal panels with the free version) ^^

BrickWall4TheWin says:

hey i cant download battlefield 2 can you help me

Shit Poster says:

Path of Exile, best arpg ever made, completely free. Microtransactions are purely cosmetic. Makes Diablo 3 look like a game for idiots by idiots.

erxer1 says:

Battlefield revive project was just shut down though

CheeZeArtZ - 100% Laktosefrei says:

To be honest, i am kinda missing World of Tanks here, just because i like it pretty much, altho it definately isnt for everyone 😀
But anyways, amazing videos and helpful recommendations!

charlie brownau says:

Downvote for recommending win10

Stephen Green says:

People be careful! Some of these link that he has provided have harmful content.

Jose Gonzalez says:

I'd recommend playing Unturned if you haven't heard of it yet. It's a really great game that's free to play. You can support the creator by buying the $5 gold pack if you want to. You might not be interested, but just check a video about it to see if you do.

DaGamingPerson says:

The BF2 link is not working, please help!

Andrew Harvey says:

rip bf2 revive

Game Maker says:

Should've included Davinci Resolve to the editing list

Hydrameda says:

The best free OS is Arch Linux!

Pizza PlayzYT says:

How do I download battle field 2 It keeps saying the download page cant load!


Is this power supply good enough for this build or will it blow up?

Wiley Cat says:

You couldn't set your wallpaper in earlier versions of free/pirated copy's of win 10 the more you know.

TheVenomGames says:

A few more really good free games:
Halo 3 ElDewrito
Dirty Bomb (Steam)
Gigantic (Steam)
TERA (Steam)
League of Legends/DOTA 2

Aura The Dragon says:

8:00 did i just hear the sims song?

Cainan Corlett says:

Halo 5 is free? Fuck I payed £60 for that 2 years ago for my XBOX ONE.

Alex Swanson says:

battlefield 2 link doesnt work

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