7 The Most Advanced Robots

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These seven advanced robots are not available for purchase. They were developed as prototypes for future robots. Does science fiction movies become reality?

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7. Cassie Next Generation Robot
6. Valkyrie Nasa
5. 13 Foot Tall Humanoid
4. Asimo New Generation
3. Atlas Robot
2. Spot Mini
1. HRP 4 Robot

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SagapoForever says:

banana peel FTW

Richard Somers says:

Is someone building robots that can pleasure themselves, and each other? …and ME?!

kvnmcinturff1 says:

Now imagine all these robots equipped with AR 15's.

Zoë Lkjsdhf says:

Its sad how that NASA robot is way less capable then the others from private companies.

Elessar Yávëtil says:

Asimo I think is the smartest but the Boston Dynamics robots seem to have better and more fluid movement and balance

InvalidUsername says:

Atlas is just getting bullied…

gsimon123 says:

10:21 oh great. GREAT. we just finished building these damn robots and they are already escaping to conquer us all! –_

DionysianAssassin says:

Spot mini is so adorable. I'd love to have one around the house, my dogs would go ballistic though, and one of them would be utterly terrified.

SAVU says:

12:10 I was waiting for the robot to mess him up.

Zena Anderson says:

It looks to me like they are ready for a rescue mission challenge. Let’s see what they can do to help with disaster situations. Even have the company handlers team up and collaborate with each other with robot usage amongst the small , the large , the two legged and the four legged for Best combination methods to use in certain situations and terrains.

Kohdy Nicholson says:

Who else felt bad for the Atlas robot when it was trying to pick up the box?

Debashman Sarbadhikari says:

Spot mini is the best in my opinion.
Btw ASIMO, Atlas are also great

animedragon789 says:

dude im gonna shit my self
the toilets like 5 minutes away just run there you`ll make it

Zorro Wu says:

To do this, really terrible

louyht7 says:

It would be funny when he start placing the soccer ball and Asimo kick him in the face..and Asimo like GOOOAAAALLLL

aaah tex says:

Why does Valkyrie wear a Diaper?

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