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SURGEON Dr. Yulia Zak
Mount Sinai Beth Israel – 10 Union Square East, New York, NY 10003
Surgery cost : $13,000 – $25,000

PRE OP WEIGHT : 305lbs
DAY OF SURGERY WEIGHT : 291lbs May 3rd
I loose a pound a week following my nutrition plan.
You will hit weight loss stalls but be patient and keep following your new lifestyle.

Portions about a 1/2 cup per meal

Whiting Fish
Lean beef
Lean Turkey
Low Fat Cottage cheese
Low Fat Ricotta
Turkey Bacon
Pork Bacon (only one slice in a day, watch the Fat content)
Low Fat cheeses
Fat free Greek yogurt PLAIN
Greens I.e collards, green beans, broccoli, spinach
Sweet potato ( I rarely have that because it’s a starch)
Oatmeal (overnight oats)
ALL natural peanut butter (no sugar added)

Packaged foods I can eat
Protein powder
Low sugar low carb Greek yogurt protein bars
Low carb tortilla chips for home made skinny dips (on occasion )
Greek dip
Protein cereal
Turkey sticks (for snacking)
Low sodium / low sugar / low fat condiment sauces I.e tomato sauce, pizza sauce, mayo, ketchup

Gatorade G2
Flavored water
Unsweetened black or green teas

Have fun with your foods when cooking and don’t get discouraged. Eating can be fun but also be mindful.

Vitamins I take on a daily basis ( Rest of my life)
Flinstone multi chewables for easy digestion
Vitamin D3
Vitamin B12

I will be starting calcium soon.

♡ V I D E O S Y O U M I S S E D ♡
RUE 107 HAUL https://youtu.be/-PLAUkHZaZ0

GRWM IN MY NEW PLACE ! https://youtu.be/kkWubmC_Gvo

ASHLEY STEWART SWIMSUIT TRY ON https://youtu.be/j2fsiqmyD3I

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What I used to create the video:
Filmed with Canon EOS T6i http://go.magik.ly/ml/3mm8/
Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 http://go.magik.ly/ml/3mm9/
Edited with Final cut pro x
Edited with FILMORA


Gi Gi Sunshine says:

I live close to Mount Sinai Beth Israel.

Patricia Jackson says:

My partner and i finished looking up this diet program plus its without a doubt the only way to go about losing weight successfully. Google “sowo amazing plan”! You may drop weight like I did that has been 13 pounds already.

Jessica Morae' says:

yassss honey!!! Slay

ViiLuxx Allison says:

It looks like you are currently in ketosis because i see your tongue is yellow. That is a good thing, you are in fat burning mode. I am happy for you. I can't wait to see your progress. Please keep us updated with videos. Good Luck!

michetube77 says:

Thank you so much for sharing. I think it's hard for people to understand how easy it is to gain weight – it's not cookies and pies. I'm in process for a VSG. I've been finding lots of folks and listening to their stories. I appreciate your videos and they're helpful.

Rayla T. says:

Hey I love you! You look great with the new weight loss and at least you're being real! I'm 18, 5'4½ and 175 (I think I don't look at scales)I realized my body was reacting to food differently and yes all these foods will catch up to you overtime! But there's truth to everything we do. I do intermittent fasting- I do the Warrior Diet (you fast for 16 hours, [I stopped eating breakfast months ago,] then I eat between 4pm-8pm) or I eat one meal a day as much as I want to consume (really to calorie deficit which would be 1800 or under) and I drink water throughout the day. This Is literally like truth, I still eat what I want (not junk) and my weight is melting off. My Fashion Nova jeans aren't fitting no more which is the sad part in all this lol. But you look ahhhhmazing

Shrinking Kathy says:

You look amazing and happy and healthy; congrats on your surgery. I had RNY almost 6 months ago and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Rebecca Bilew says:

i completely respect your decision. i feel like in the plus size community we are all so strung up on loving our "curves" and what not that we completely disregard the fact that sometimes that those "curves" or the weight just isn't healthy. there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to loose weight. im just happy to know some of us aren't scard to do so even if that means loosing a few friends and or subsribers along the way.

Kittystar says:

Is it true that you basically cant have ANY sugar because your body can't digest it anymore and it makes you sick?

MyNaturalTrans0412 says:

Thank you for this information!

Laneishia Vanterpool says:

I had the gastric sleeve done in 2010, I lost 130 lbs. It was the hardest but best decision I ever made and I still have no regrets. here I am 7 years later ive only maybe gained about 15 lbs of it back… Ive been told its the "easy way out" well it wasn't easy for me, people don't understand its more about controlling what we eat and how we eat, we still have to work out and eat right just like everyone else, we just needed that extra support. Good luck on your journey! You're an inspiration to many,

Fatima Fattah says:

Good for you! That's where I had my vsg done also

Sasha Oberly says:

you look great. now you cant get to small gurl your the big girl guru. we need u lol.. jk do your thing

M Thurman says:

I know I'm late but when i hear most people talk about making the decision to get weight loss surgery, it sounds more like they finally are educated on how to eat rather than simply getting surgery. The things you talked about is what I do (monitoring carbs, drinking water, managing portion sizes) without surgery. The weight has been coming off, slowly but still coming off. 314-275 since mid jan. I understand surgery is a tool but the education on how to change eating habits is what makes weight loss possible.

MyzJuicey313 says:

Show us how to make the pizza and some of ur meals u make.I just had surgery 6/12/17 I was down 26 pounds in the first 2 weeks I'm nervous to see how much I've lost since my two week check up

LimahBaby Never2Far says:

To hell with what other people have to say about what you do with YOUR life! You're beautiful! Congratulations on everything!!
PS: Where did you get your choker? I love it!

Samuel Barlow says:

it's okay lady, you're still sexy as hell

Gilliam 4 says:

im literally crying as i watch this after having my second baby im now up to 310lbs nothing is working and i have high blood pressure and sleep apnea but my doctor isnt hearing me when i say i NEED HELP i have no energy for my kids (both are under 4)thank God for my husband…thanks for sharing

Kesha Kelley says:

Go girl!! I got mine done 2013. Definitely not the easy way out!

Tina Johnson says:

im proud of you .. im in the process of doing this surgery i'm at the 6 month wait. but I had got the worst response from my own family.. They have said the most negative things.. thank you for the encouragement.

Khenemeti Ra Meri says:

This is not a criticism but a qualified comment I sincerely wish you well on your endeavor

Were you sponsored to have this surgery???…

The gastric sleeve is relatively new. It is arguably the worst method compared to the gastric band and gastric bypass both of which are reversible unlike the gastric sleeve. I had the gastric band 12 years ago, clinical studies are only now emerging about the risks. I could go into it but it's for everyone to do their own research. Personally I would never advocate anyone having surgery unless they have medical issues exacerbated by being over weight. If ANYONE does not re-educate their nutrition habits after weight loss guaranteed you they will put the weight straight back on. I know 10 people who had surgery only 3 kept the weight off. I had to turn vegan to manage my weight,

kennitta holden says:

I'm in the process of getting the gastric bypass surgery… and I'm just worried if I can still get pregnant… i just need a few more clearances…was thinking about the sleeve …I just have so many questions to ask my surgeon… I'm so nervous.

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