Oklahoma City Thunder vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights / Week 1 / 2017 NBA Season

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Oklahoma City Thunder vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights / Week 1 / 2017 NBA Season

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Cedie Cedie says:

Traveling by wiggins

Somnath Ganapa says:

Of course Carmelo didn't make the game-winning shot

Aidan Nolan says:

"Lets see how long this super team can last EVEN THOUGH THERE 1-3!!!"

candyrain009 says:


Jose Gutierrez says:

What a sweet ending

Gage Cooper says:

Timberwolves are the winners of 2018 finals

ZyV2 says:

"And the Timberwolves…"
Let me finish that, and the Timberwolves fucking win and OKC cries because of a screen.

ZyV2 says:

Muh screens

Cry more


What a game!!!!!!!

luwayne carries says:

wiggins "damn"

Maddox Mack says:

Russel is so selfish. Paul George and Carmelo are beasts Carmelo was wide open a lot then russel Westbrook kept taking the shots

Ahdapts Gaming says:

Andrew Wiggins Is Blocked

Ross Sambolah says:

Any one notices how Karl towns acts like Paul George hurt his nutz then took off running to try a catch the rebound if Andrew Wiggins missed 9:32 9:34

Giovani Delgadillo says:

Wow am I the only one who saw that travel? Thunder should of won. Watch that shot again he picked up his dribble ran 4 steps then shot.

Matej Bregar says:

Carmelos defense is piss poor, slow and lazy as heck

pej f says:

why you gotta not guard wiggins like that in the last seconds… fuckkkkk come on now OKC> fuckkkk

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