How Technology Can Disrupt The Medical Industry | Robin Farmanfarmaian [A-Fest Talk]

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In the technology age, traditional ideas about health and medicine are becoming obsolete. With technology changing so quickly, a perfect storm has occurred to birth the Era of the Patient: a time in which medical patients are able to take back power previously reserved solely for doctors. In this talk from A-Fest Greece, serial entrepreneur and bestselling author, Robin Farmanfarmaian, explains how the rapidly advancing rate of exponential technology can be harnessed to empower the patient to guide their own form of healing.


Robin Farmanfarmaian is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and speaker. She is the author of The Patient as the CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer, and has worked with 13 medicine and biotech startup companies. After experiencing the dark side of the medical industry, Robin has dedicated her life to shedding light on the incredible technologies that will change the way we think about health — and allow medical patients to be in control of their own journey.


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Martin Kaufmann says:

She woke me up

Marie Burns says:

Love your passion for the future of healthcare. #progress – check out (to see the app and tech) which does exactly what you mentioned on patient care. <3 keep rocking it out!!! #bethechange

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