Cleveland Cavaliers vs Chicago Bulls 1st Half Highlights / Week 2 / 2017 NBA Season

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Cleveland Cavaliers vs Chicago Bulls 1st Half Highlights / Week 2 / 2017 NBA Season

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Mert Köksüren says:

nerf should come to lebron

Crisanto Botacion says:

wer is DRose?

mnoell35 says:

C’mon Cleveland.drop the goddamn egos,and play some fuckin defense. Niggas already don’t give a fuck. Hurry up playoffs

Rpy Lamp says:

Chicago is better without deloser rose. Cavs just take a loser out of a good team and put it in its team way to go

Irtaza khan says:

Skip: "This is unfair because he had lots of help"

knowledge876 says:

Looks like LeBron isn't gonna get the rest I thought he was gonna get with this roster….like last year he will have to be on the court to carry them once again, which is a bad sign since LeBron isnt getting any younger……..

It'z Squishy says:

Lebron is now black steph curry

Audrius Simonis says:

Cavs are so shit omg just fucking disgrace!!!!!! If not king they are done' l always said and will say' for the team you need a good manager' with brains' cavs manager is liitle fucking ugly bitch with no brains whatsoever !!!!! I mean l am not expecting them to beat wariors but to strugle vs bulls !!! And getting hammered vs fucking magic its fucking sick!!! Even last season with kyrie if king is not playing fucking niggas losing without a doubt damn

Yacob Pearson says:

Anyone else hear the announcer say “take that bitch”? He either said it in the 2nd or 3rd quarter, I can’t remember for sure.

Nnamdi Ubbaonu says:

Damn, I keep forgetting we got IT and D Rose

Awtsu Ahah says:

Cavs can still win this but they have to improve their defense seriously..

Brandon Escobar says:

Play blankley!?

NWSportsFanatics says:

Best sports reactions on YouTube ! Help our grind to 1k Subs ! appreciate your considerations

Yardie 876 says:

JR looking real bad right now mad he wasn’t in the starting lineup and now he’s in the starting lineup he’s not doing shit ‼️‼️‼️

ClutchUhhFool says:

Markkanen > love

Anderson says:

Hopefully Lebron goes to the Alamo next year in his free agency

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