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Today we live in a world of digital technologies and we cannot avoid using all kinds of gadgets every day. Just think, where would we be without them? Nowhere, of course, because we are surrounded by technology. Some of these devices make our life easier, some are tiny, others are pretty big, but their ultimate goal is the same: to make our life better. In today’s video we will show you ten great inventions that you will love


Toy Bomber says:

that is very cool

lord of video gaming says:

I want everything on this list

Dragonk116 says:

You troll putting Harry Potter ear rape…

Ján Sabol says:

hapifork is like: great timing you earned 1000 points! 😀 😀 😀

Mabus Antichrist says:

that speaker is beautiful

Mabus Antichrist says:

imagine BAD SANTA trying turn off that alarm clock

wild flea says:

I need to know what the soundtrack of this particular vid ples help me

LifeInPink999 says:

I need this alarm clock XD

Misterzetto says:

Refúgio mental

Ultramega Omega says:

Where was that slide from in on happy fork

dumpdigger dave says:

LOL alarm clock gets killed with a hammer

Tech Online BD says:

Welcome to my channel..

Adnan Bucevic says:

Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

Blade23445 says:

Rimidi now Remindi sorry just had to make that clear

Comp's Computer Repair says:

Alarm clock: That would just piss me off.
Paintball helmet: sounds extremely expensive…
Fridge tablet thing: dax shepard! chips was awful….sounds cool if you are rich.
triangle lights..: im realizing these are all for rich people…
im done. cool vid. 7:36 what instrument is that, fucking ear wrenching

Joy Tutherworld says:

Roses are red violets are blue I came for the thumbnsil and so did you

fried toast says:

Happy fork should be made in skewer form

jen jen07 says:

Who else spent the whole video saying "this is so cool!"

tubz imon1 says:


LuffiAce says:

All these Gadgets and synchronisation, there won't be any anonymity

SuperBobMan says:

1:52 NO.1 d6 on his wrist. I have it too

Tabassum Sultana says:

6:44 , if u r searching for the thumpnail , that's the music system


Roses are red violets are blue I came for the thumbnail so did you

KriSpot says:

Checkout my channel,i had something like thiis…..

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