Influenza animation – flu virus mechanism

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Animation of the mechanism of an influenza virus and how Crucell’s antibodies target the HA1 proteins on the virus and prevent further spread of influenza.

Client: Crucell
Direction, Design & Animation: Daniel Lim, 2Preform
Music & Sound Design: Javier Barrero, Logical Disorder
Production Company: David Hager, All Terrain Media

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May Carstairs says:

When u can't cram a word anymore and came here for help

mariam mariam says:

Please transelate the video in arabic next time please my english language not very good and i need informatio about disease ….thank alot

Hamdhun Fah says:

Thank's your information

Sai Varun says:

superb ,stratergy of influenza replication and protection from it

crazyjuicelover 0206 says:

Who came here to use it for a shooting stars meme

Shikshan Hindi says:

Well that was boring

yousifmq says:

Could u give the name of the Exact music please? i can only see the name of the producer, can u please tell me the specific names?

Anand Raman Tiwari says:

Excellent Animation…Thanks a lot

TheElusiveDirector says:

Really good animation but it desperately need labels – wasn't really sure what was HA and what was NA.

indho indho says:

nice about flue

Global teaching says:

naaaaaa not beautiful they suck

Asia Angel says:

1st you already got the whole thing wrong.
H1N1 is not a virus. Who know the reason, on how you got that wrong. Its a defence mechanism that bound like interlocking system.
Its normally the causes of inflammation.

Ikhwan Rifin says:

I am influenza B infection.But now I'm good

Sas 4 says:

I have a flu you didn't sleep all night

XxTheBlueJay 12 says:

can I use this in my science hw

BeeHappy says:

what is the name of the receptor that HA binds to causing fusion?

Real Deal says:

There is a god!

Real Deal says:

Great animation. My next question will be. How can I help my body produce more monocolonal IgG1 antibody ??

Satnam Rai says:

What is the guy doing at the end? haha

jarenwization says:

hi im at school

Biggest Fans says:

this is the worst virus I ever get before . I didn't go to school for 1 month

Bala Nuhu says:

Thanks very much for the informative adventure

GoodDay says:

Human body is like a universe on its own

4 ohm says:

bel video ma mi continuo a sentire di merda per quest'influenza di merda

zannatul Zan says:

Such an amazing video, almost made me feel like i was there.
Thank you!

Michal Petlyuk says:

hey thanks for the video…right now I'm sick with influenza and it's interesting to know what happens inside your body when you have influenza.

Rebecca Dudek says:

Hi! Thanks for this video.  Do you have the resources you used for this info, by chance?

zannatul Zan says:

amazing video

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