Was Rob Kardashian’s Weight Loss from a SECRET Surgery?

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Things are getting ugly between Dream’s parents, and we honestly don’t know who to believe about what. And the hits just keep on coming in the ongoing drama between ex lovers Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. This time, Chyna is calling Rob a liar – about his weight loss.

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Misty Jo Beverly says:

Who cares if he did! If he lost weight with surgery thats props for him! He doesnt have to announce it to anyone!! Best Wishes Rob

Kofi Eloho says:

secret surgery or not, he lost the weight.

Reign Candy says:

she just mad because no one wants to work with her now but she did it to herself.

CMsim laay says:

Oh well she got

touchy2017 says:

Those surgeries don’t cost that much, cause I had one

Sharon Johnson says:

so what. all the kardshins had surgery and they promoted tea also

Jojobeeh says:

So… he's happier now and that's what matters

Young new says:

Im glad Rob is losing weight…leave him alone

Linda Slaughter says:

Dnt care he's doing fine she need to stfu

Marie Ramirez says:

Chyna needs to jump off a building. I can’t stand her. Money hungry hoe! And that ass looks horrible! #yesimtrolling her


He Looks great

veronica gonzales says:

chyna is always trying to find the dirtiest way to stay relevant . smh full on liar.

Elsa Arinaitwe says:

Who gives a damn


If he did go through a surgery to loss weight so what he's doing better now is on a better healthy life style I can't stand her she makes everyone she goes with an has a kid with look bad she's such drama and always trying to tell someone bizz

Chason Wright says:

I wouldnt say surgical to an extremity, but he OBVIOUSLY had money…Freezing fat?

Doris Fj says:

These ppl don't they have anything else to report other than Rob and Chyna wtf

Jenny Akhara says:

How he did it matters not. What matters is that he's losing it. This weight issue really affected his self-esteem over the years. So whichever way he gets physically and mentally stronger is all that matters

Destinee Mercer says:

She’s fucked up saying that if he got a surgery why hasn’t he lost more weight

Issac Terra says:

I don’t believe It because if it was true why he didn’t he do that before ?

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