Lawrence Krauss – Physics Made Easy

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Lawrence Krauss – Physics Made Easy

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Lawrence Maxwell Krauss (born 27 May 1954) is an American theoretical physicist and cosmologist who is Foundation Professor of the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University, and director of its Origins Project.
He is known as an advocate of the public understanding of science, of public policy based on sound empirical data, of scientific skepticism and of science education, and works to reduce the influence of what he opines as superstition and religious dogma in popular culture.
Krauss is the author of several bestselling books, including The Physics of Star Trek (1995) and A Universe from Nothing (2012), and chairs the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Board of Sponsors.
Krauss has argued that public policy debates in the United States should have a greater focus on science, and that the public have a right to scrutinize the religious beliefs of Presidential candidates in the ways that they relate to public policy.
Krauss describes himself as an antitheist and takes part in public debates on religion. Krauss is featured in the 2013 documentary The Unbelievers, in which he and Richard Dawkins travel across the globe speaking publicly about the importance of science and reason as opposed to religion and superstition. He has participated in many debates with religious apologists, including William Lane Craig.
In his book, A Universe from Nothing: Why There is Something Rather than Nothing (2012), Krauss discusses the premise that something cannot come from nothing, which has often been used as an argument for the existence of a Prime mover. He has since argued in a debate with John Ellis and Don Cupitt that the laws of physics allow for the universe to be created from nothing. “What would be the characteristics of a universe that was created from nothing, just with the laws of physics and without any supernatural shenanigans? The characteristics of the universe would be precisely those of the ones we live in. In an interview with The Atlantic, however, he states that he has never claimed that “questions about origins are over.” According to Krauss, “I don’t ever claim to resolve that infinite regress of why-why-why-why-why; as far as I’m concerned it’s turtles all the way down.


Brian Connelly says:

Would have been better if the camera wasn't operated by someone with the shakes

comic4relief says:

To whom is he lecturing?

D D PATIL says:

"A Universe from Nothing" presented by Lawrence Krauss is proving that Universe has been created from energy of GOD!!! because "Nothing"  is Quantum Vacuum energy (QVE)   or zero point energy which called as Aether energy. This energy is nothing but conscious light QVE which works at Planck scale known as Scalar waves or torsion waves to create reality through vibrations under mechanisum of scared geometry pattern with Golden ratio constant .  The problem with present science that they can't detect  Planck scale energy or  waves by their instruments, hence  they says that  it is not in existence!! One hand they says that Dark matter and dark energy which can't detect by instruments but it's their and 96% of  universe is made of this matter, then How can Standard model is correct model which can't describe the dark matter and dark energy.

We know that entire world is controlled by secret societies like Illuminati / freemensary  which rules  the world and hiding the greater secrets of universe like Aether energy of Nikola Tesla, Scared geometry and consciousness, due to which the world got into darkness of human values and today world is at stage of third world war. But God's plan  is totally different and  secretly going on for New world order for establishment of Atlantis civilizations on Earth after third world war. All hidden agenda of secret societies will be get expose to the world in upcoming 9 months by Polaris star which is on way to Earth. He will come near to earth in next 18 months and it will evaporate black holes above earth and all Ancient secrets of universe will be known to entire world, but 99% of world population will be die in 3rd World war done by secret societies and only 1% people who loves and know GOD will survives for New Godly world order of Atlantis. The New beginning of higher consciousness world will start on earth as per promise give by God in Bible, Quran and Bhagvat Gita. God who is point of light energy and Gforce of universe in 10th dimension is creator of universe and our sweet loveful father is giving knowledge of universe from last eighty years, which will come to know to entire world in next 2 years.

To understand God and his creation , we must know ourself that Who I am?  Today we are searching our self in fabric of Human Brain!!! It's time now to return to our original higher Consciousness stage that I am eternal light and not this body. We are Conscious Quanta – the point of light is very subtle having geometry at 10-108m, which is 3 times less then Planck scale and having Star ( Pentagonal ) Sacred geometry for interaction with Aether  Energy ( Quantum Vacuum Energy ) for creation of matter at Hilbert Space under Lagrangian mechanics.  The Matrix of Aether energy grid creates matter  from Freq and vibrations of quasi-crystalline CODEs as per  our thoughts, which  create vibrations in Aether energy for creation of Bio-Photons which acts on Micro tubules of Brain for collapsing of wave function to get experience to us. So Brain is super processor and we are programmer. We give program to DNA via morphogenetic field to build organs of body and we carry information for next birth of Human body.  Hence we are all eternal and immortal, just changing body from one to another !! To understand the Scared  Physics of GOD, Soul (Self) and Universe in infinite energy of Aether element under the mechanism of Sacred Geometry, please watch the movie : Polaris Star – World Transformer Brahmastra(English) 
With Love and Regards,

Diviciacos says:

You want to hear a strange fact about me? My brother and one of my uncles, for sure, are left-handed. And my father was born left-handed before he learned ambidexterity. I am a very poor driver of my left hand, just like most people.

But if I were a super-powered character in a comic universe, my nemesis would be Professor X. Can you guess this character's vulnerability? And what if he were the good guy, a biologist instead of an electrical engineer?

Diviciacos says:

For all it's foibles, one should prefer rationality to consumerism. My advisor literally told me not to take psychology classes, if I remember correctly. I would have never imagined Why. And God forbid I would ever have wanted to. Perhaps he imagined, correctly, that there were ideas in that field I not only would not have been interested in but also wouldn't have wanted to know.

vegass04 says:

Hitchens called Krauss the best living physicist. I don't know about that but he is for sure the best science popularizer in the world which is tremendously important today when we have creationists and religious freaks trying to equate real science with the fake one.

Colton says:

He's so brilliant. I just want to listen to Krauss and Dawkins talk for hours.

Rick Serna says:


wow, what a guy i watch him on TV and this is so impressive.

I am a teacher myself of a sort ,(tech stuff) what an amazing gift he has. i always try to make things easy and fun and engage people but challenge them and their conventions i learned more in this hour and a half, than my entire life!

Louis Johnson says:

He's funny

장진영 says:

Blessed to live in this period of time where I can get to watch these fine classes so easily…
Hope I won't take it for granted.

Roger Clemons says:

Truths most people are not taught, ( on purpose ) ! 
1.) All wars are banker wars to make money for the elites. ( metals aka fruit-salad  were created in WW1 to pacify the families of those who died in war, " he was a hero".   )
2.) The Earth is FLAT and Stationary. 
3.) All space travel is impossible. 
4.) Moon Landing is a kosher Hoax. 
5.) Hubbel telescope was lost hours after it was sent up. 
6.) The Holocaust was created by British Intelligence in 1941.

dinkkystumbler says:

loves this thanks Lawrence 🙂

Dylan Zapf says:

the first exponential number he writes, 8.76 x 10'15 , isnt it supposed to be to the 12th power?

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