Bruno Mars – Versace On The Floor [Official Video]

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Versace on the Floor available now:

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Erin Francis says:

His voice will never die great song new

muhamad iqbal says:

like michael jakson

Omar Corpuz says:


Remix Song collector says:

why some people dislike this (34k dislike)?? this song actually great <3


Un mitooooo grande sei il mio idolo

Oscar Ayalaa says:

Like!! Si es %100 parecido a Michael Jackson !! … Hasta en sus pasos de Baile 😉

salah reynolds says:

My dick my dick my dick

Rita Chung says:


I couldn't think of any Name Cooler than me. says:

This guy sounds like Bruno mars

Charlotte Lynch says:

This came out on my birthday

Diego Monroy says:

This has been my favorite song since the first I heard it

Anney B. says:

When will she be naked? See at 5:12 Hahahaha

LaAsia Harper says:

❤️❤️ this is a very pretty video and this song is amazing

sra pump says:

pow achei q a zendaya ia cantar kkk

Juan Mateo Tobar Zapeta says:

Perfect song to play or sing to a girl

Queenof Hearts says:

The cutest, sweetest video ever! Ty Bruno for bring bk the luv in music.

steven shar says:

Isn't this kinda weird that this video end with a thirty two year old man sleeping with a nineteen year old. I know it's legal, but kinda feels sleazy.

Erika Landa says:

Sponsored by Gucci

MrSean2790 says:

I'd get her some fosace and play this.

AC Gaming says:

Spiderman has zendaya (zendaya played m.j. in spiderman homecoming and she had a huge crush on peter)

RockaGamer says:

Calling it, Next music video is going to be for Chunky

Pedro Martinez says:


karinaloves says:

The piano in the beginning tho…so good

Micaela De Guzman says:

Finally this song has a music video

Euebio Canoy says:

very SEDUCTIVE aroma

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