The Truth About Pet Cancer – Protect Your Pets – Episode 2

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Despite every effort, pet cancer rates continue to rise. We asked WHY… The Truth About PET Cancer Miniseries is Now Playing right now.

Can water, vaccines and processed pet foods cause your pet to get cancer? Get the answers right now in Chapter 2. If you’d like to learn more about Ty and Rodney’s complete documentaries, go to:

In chapter 2 of The Truth About Pet Cancer – Protect Your Pets, you’re going to discover the potential role that nutrition plays in pet cancer along with vaccines, and last but not least the water we give our pets.

Water is what you give your pet everyday but have you stopped think about the chemicals that are in our water supply? Dogs and cats, like humans, are extremely sensitive to things like fluoride, chlorine, the prescription drug residue, rocket fuel and other substances that are in our food supply.

Did you know that there are over 60,000 chemicals in tap water and the government put out a study stating that many of them are known carcinogens.

Vaccines may also be harmful to your pets. Just like in some humans, vaccines can also make pets have adverse reactions. The average puppy gets 9 vaccines before 10 weeks of age and up to 21 vaccines before 16 weeks of age. And all but 2 of those vaccines contain mercury and aluminum.

There’s also a very serious problem when it comes to processed pet foods. You see, the diet for pets is far worse than the diet for the typically person. For instance, did you know the average dog foods primary ingredient is sugar? Not only that, the rendering plants that process cat and dog food take roadkill, spoiled meats, and moldy meats and blend it into what you pet eats.

If you enjoyed the first chapter of Protect Your Pets, this one is going to blow your mind.
And if you haven’t watched Chapter 1 – “The History of Animal Cancer” yet, watch it here:

If you’d like to learn more about Ty and Rodney’s complete documentaries, go to:


xena3546 says:

Fantastic video. EVERYONE should watch this..even vets.

Michele D says:

Thanks TTAC for another very informative yet concise episode.  

When it comes to better water quality please don't forget about your plants; especially if it's something that you or your pet will eat.  I grow my kitties cat grass, and use organic potting mix and filtered water.  Also look into a good shower filter.

Amy P says:

What are some good recommendations for healthier, organic dog foods? I want to change our dog's food immediately. You think you are buying healthier brands even and then you find out you're not.
Any suggestions?


Absolutely shocking how much SUGAR and not disclosed in dried pet foods same with humans the cooked foods are depleted and toxic. Our food chain is poisoned and the truths hidden same with our pets no wonder cancer in pets is on the rise disgusting.
Vaccines as for humans are toxic my dog is vax free after my last dog died after flying international being pumped full of vaccines as a chihuahua it killed him 5 yrs earlier than he should have lived.
THIS is a wake up call feed your dog only lean organic human grade raw meats. no more toxic dog treats and dried dog foods. Fantastic episode thankyou team you are all awesome we all appreciate you so much taknig are of our human and furry family <3 xoxo

Fran Smith says:

Why do some pets need a Rabies shot each year & some county it every 3 years?

James Harrower says:

Running an animal charity in Spain and having over 80 cats and 6 dogs the series so far has completely opened my eyes about the food we give the animals and of course the water as here in the hot weather they all drink a lot. Cab't wait for the rest of the programme Thank you so much
J.Harrower (Asoc. Street Cats)

akanou77 says:

Great documentary series! Bravo to you guys, thank you for sharing all thins information for free. People have unfortunately lost common sense, as it seems. I've been following Rodney Habib and Dr Karen Baker and have learned so much from all their research and knowledge. I want to keep my furry friend with me for as long as possible. I've started with feeding raw 5 years ago, and have made many changes to our lifestyle. I plan to keep him with him for as long as possible. He is 11 now and still going strong.

rebecca Shetter says:

I shared this with my friends on Facebook… I looked at what was in Dog and Cat food and make homemade food for my babies. It is filled with corn mash and my dogs and cats would get sick on it. I make a combo of bone broth, kale or vegetables, applesauce, or cranberries and meat. They get stinging nettle to remove the mercury from shots. Take algae, egg shells powder, vitamin d and C. Keep your potato water and vegetable water; add rice or fresh egg noodles. If you start to save those fresh parsley stalks and left over celery leaves and the list goes on and on; just mix into your mix and they love it. I also give them goats milk and powder milk. I used hemp oil to remove black spots and they are now 16 and 17 years old and run around like puppies. When my dogs throat closed up with a simple flea prevention I started to reexamine what I allowed…

Matthew567byheart says:

If given a choice, my cat prefers RAIN water.

green285 says:

Reverse osmosis or distilled water for your pets and human pets.

Thanh Hoang-Watson says:

I am beyond grateful that you presented this extensive research and data – so much of what is truly better for us AND our pets is constantly bombarded with skepticism and outright hostility by friends, family, AND most vets! Appalled by the push to vaccinate (esp. the law behind rabies), and was appalled by my vet's responses to my resistance for our beloved pets. We lost both our Tulah (dog) and Marcel (cat) to cancer; we moved to raw food too late, but glad we learned about it at all.

diether stein says:

also all is so very true, you should give answers to the problem as well!

Stive Rosen says:

Hear about purple water on tap in northern california that govt says dont drink even if boiled and filtered but wont say what is it!!!

Stive Rosen says:

When i was in college decades ago i had to give up my puppy as animals not allowed though off campus. I found a family that had lost their dog to old age with a fenced yard in working class area. I asked one last question; what will bo eat? She said as a family member bo will eat what we eat. With that they got their new dog as they created their own dishes. Bo probally had a long healthy life.

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