Schumacher Battles Coulthard | 2000 US Grand Prix

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Onboard with Michael Schumacher as he battles David Coulthard at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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sam deepak says:

When f1 cars were truly f1 cars.

yuyueyuyue says:

Master is dancing

Anthony Kernich says:

Coulthard did jump the start massively

DM G says:

what a fantastic pass!

AMCT 101 says:

Great car control from Schumacher and also a nice bit of legal defensive driving from DC. Obviously wasn't enough to stop the pace of the Ferrari but the tactics of intentionally going slightly slower when MS was looking for a fast exit and staying slightly away from the apex to prevent outside overtakes was cool to watch.

better shit on America says:


Ale Vic says:

The engine sound got me hard on

A. Dbr says:

Keep fighting Michael

Waldi says:

WER BLEIBT LÄNGER AUF DEM GAS? Mein Lieber Mann, Schumacher arbeitet sich vorbei!!! Das ist ja sensationell!!! Beinahe hätten sie sich berührt!!

Christian G says:

The golden era of f1

Stefan Hiddink says:

"Blue flag, blue flag!!"

Jose Maria Martin Muñoz says:

what he do in 1:05 ???

Charles Regimbal says:

Inb4 v10 and anti-drs fanboys

Edoardo Stella says:

Definetely one of the best tracks ever

Ice Angel says:

Schumi,rainmaster,controls the car in the wet like a go kart!!!!! And for those who say all those nonsence about electronics,just watch his drive in barcelona 96, monaco 97, spa 97, and then you can talk!

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