2017 US Grand Prix: Pre-Race Press Conference

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Fresh from signing a new McLaren contract, Fernando Alonso is among those facing the press ahead of the 2017 US Grand Prix, along with championship leader Lewis Hamilton.

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Mika Sihite says:

Why does alonso put so much emphasis on the "R" ?!

Miguel Santiago says:

Hamilton and his "I'm opressed" bullshit…. While he is black and is making milllions out of the sport

DaSpaceJammer says:

Carlos looks like a fucking square without his hat and beard.

Pedał Człowiek says:

Z tymi gośćmi to bym chętnie streama obejrzał 😀 Już widze te donejty w strone Hamiltona |3zł

Fernando Alonso says:

4:04 I caught the bwoah disease. That’s why I’m wearing a pink hat.

Fabian Leiva says:

sees Alonso’s hat and shirt
If McLaren changes their cars’ livery one more goddamn time…

Clayton Funke says:

I would hope that Hamilton is refering to the thousands of black families displaced by the floods and hurricanes but something tells me its not about that…unfortunately

Andrew Carder says:

my nigga lewis shinin with them diamonds

ThatGuyWhoHatesPumpkin says:

early yes(not really)

Maxim Mee says:

"happy and proud"
actually where ELSE can he go….

Matt Bolt says:

I think its sad that Lewis thinks taking a knee is the right or a good thing to do. Or that the whole take a knee campaign is even justified or based off the real problems facing the black community in america.

A few things:
1) Colin Kaepernick is an idiot and hasnt got a clue about the facts, figures and data and nor is he a political commentator or any sort of subject expert. He champions Michael Brown who was found guilty and the office was found to have acted correctly

2) The taking a knee is crap is protesting the flag ie the constitution on which it stands. A constitution which gives them equal rights and protects them just the same.

3) Police brutality is NOT the main problem facing blacks. Neither is it institutionalised or commonplace. This is feelings over facts. When Black people commit nearly half the crime despite only being 13% of the population, that's a problem that is not the fault of the police. BLM wants to decrease the number of cops and policing in their communities. What do you think investors look for when they decide to develop an area and improve it? They look for security and lower crime rates. Decreasing police wont accomplish that.

4) Lewis is NOT a US citizen so why the hell would he or should he involve himself in matters of a country to which he is not a citizen.

5) you want to protest? protest in abu dhabi where real oppression is commonplace. The government arbitrarily detains, and in some cases forcibly disappears, individuals who criticized the authorities, and its security forces face allegations of torturing detainees. A new anti-discrimination law further jeopardizes free speech and is discriminatory, as it excludes references to gender and sexuality. Authorities denied access to the country to activists who criticized the UAE’s mistreatment of migrant workers. Labor abuses persist, as migrant construction workers facing serious exploitation. Female domestic workers are excluded from regulations that apply to workers in other sectors. But that's not what's trending is it? That's not what the mainstream, leftist agenda prescribes is it? No. We only spit and hate on western countries because its the easiest thing to do and because we can. I am sick and tired of everyone shitting on the west when they lead the world by comparison, especially on human rights grounds.

6) The NFL are losing viewership for politicising it. Why should F1 make the same mistake?

7) If you take your worldview and political standing from celebrities like Kaepernick or Lily Allen or Madonna, you're the real bigot here. Watch team america and remember the F.A.G. part. It's happened people.

– This is a pasted comment from my original in the full drivers interview, but i cant be bothered to write this again.

Matthew says:

A New Zea lander.

Not A Ricer says:

The only reason Porsche won Le Mans was the Toyota breakdown 3 minutes before the end, while 13 laps ahead.

EMMA says:

Good on Lewis Hamilton! He might not be an American but racism is such a global issue; showing solidarity with those in the US is both admirable and very courageous. I hope there aren't too many repercussions for him.

John Corboy says:

Great to see a kiwi back in F1

Deadz Eyz says:

im i the only one who just kinda feel bad for Ericsson

Deadz Eyz says:

golden chain

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