Influenza (Flu)

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If you like this animation, LIKE us on Facebook: – This animation first introduces the viewer to the structure and components of the influenza virus. Then, the animation explains the transmission and pathogenesis of the virus. Finally the animation describes common treatments for flu.



phosphorescent says:

WOAH! CGI boobs!

syed mohsin says:

Well i dont understand .Why do you guys are showing a female body while teaching? Plz stop this !!!! Its to much awkward for to watch the video till end.Shameless

Afraa Bentaher says:

In conclusion, the flu is a piece of shit. stay way from ppls fluids.

Afraa Bentaher says:

I came here because I have a fever. I don't have a runny nose but yea.

Zailon Xwadastet says:

I could watch these all day. Please contract with Netflix or the Science channel and release full length documentaries.

Geometry Tube says:

Im actually watching this with flu XD

brion zhang says:

this video contains racism content, it shows a yellow man sneezes, then a white lady is infected by that.

Anand Raman Tiwari says:

Excellent Animation…Thanks a lot

Calvin Hodgson says:

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Bring it on influenza!

Seeg11007 says:

They never once showed the nucleocapsids…..

rr po says:

LOL there are no such things as viruses. This video is crap.

Briana Whittaker says:

Don't have the cough or runny nose but I have the headache hot and cold flashes muscle ache fatigue. Trying to get better.

Edgar Bwire says:

As long as i know, i never got the flu thanks to vaccines and carefulness.

Us GAMING says:

Eat healthy guys

Alice Wong says:


Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. says:

Who's watching this at 1am?

Tara says:

I'm learning this in school right now

Anti Side says:

omg this flu has infected my whole city so no school or no shit we have swine flu fk

Kurō says:

I've got the flu and my parents are like lol no you don't just because I had it two weeks ago……


Amanda Misroame says:

i have this flu landed in the hospital.

Lasse Riise says:

What a nasty and useless thing. Anyone who devellops a method to kill these little bastards once and for all should get a Nobel price in Medicine.

jay fawn says:

seems like horror movie…

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