How to get into a Film Festival – advice from a Festival Director

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Tower CG says:

I find it funny, how you take a political stance, by going against other film festivals taking a political stance. Although a general rule is to keep politics out, and avoid conflict. So I do agree… It's just ironic.

Hattin Productions says:

Thanks for this video, great info!!

Phillip Barnett says:

Thank you so much for your extremely informative and helpful video. I just liked and subscribed. Please keep up the good work.

Michael Moutsatsos says:

Thank you brilliant advice 🙂

Tombstone Dreams says:

I am currently working on my first screenplay (zombie horror) and I believe it to be coming along extremely well. I don't not know how to edit or add visuals but I will not stop until I see my vision played back to me. If anyone has recommendations on who to go to, I will highly appreciate it.

Mary T says:

Is this how to become a directer for making a TV series someday because when I grow up I want to be a TV director

Original Evan B says:

Thank you. I went to film school, and they never hit these points.

Hoan Lee says:

super informative. thankyou very much. – LIKE – SUBBED

Gustavo R. Rojas B. says:

Thank you Sir!

Ps: For some reason I can't enter into the Submission form, it saids and I quote: "There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed."

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