African cinema dominates London Film Festival

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Witchcraft in Zambia, toxic masculinity in South Africa, and folk tales from Swaziland, are just some of the African themes at this year’s London Film Festival.

Filmmakers from the Africa are challenging the way their continent is usually depicted on screen.

Al Jazeera’s Charlie Angela reports from London

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Kenneth Davis says:

That gay movie is an attack on Christianity. The man is even wearing a cross. Lord have mercy.

Imran adam says:

Whites exporting their filthy culture to corrupt African continents . What a filth

Kai McKenzie says:

Gay Afrika! Thina magay silapha!

Kai McKenzie says:

U-Inxeba uzoba yifilimu emnandi kakhuuuulu! Kumnandi ukubona iifilimu zesiXhosa!

Deedee Dan says:

These movies look so good and there's so much potential for future movies from Africa because of the diversity in culture and folktales there, I wish they were showing them in theatres in America or on Netflix

real knowledge says:

this is not NEWS AL JAZEERA ia promotting this evil movie and GAY AGANDA

Mihir Patel says:

They will give awards just to show that they like diversity, yet behind their back they will make racial slurs.

Don The Con says:

Yet another negative africa-portraying movie produced by non-africans….yawn

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