The Last Two Times We Saw This The Economy Was In A Recession – Episode 1402a

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Report date: 10.16.2017

The retail apocalypse continues Sears, Nordstroms and many big department stores are in trouble. Empire Fed survey surges as the real data declines. Recession warning, last two times this happened we entered into a recession. Probably nothing. Many analysts that study patterns are now predicting a market correction, a recession/depression, there is a  70%-80% chance of another global economic crisis. 

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Intro Music: YouTube Free Music: Warrior Strife by Jingle Punks

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rock valley ready says:

Just had a big bank in my town sell! 19 branches with 6b in assets… 110 years in business….

John Woodhead says:

Yes on this you are spot on

PHILL says:

GM (aka) vauxhall in england is having to cut it production in half

PHILL says:

GM (aka) vauxhall in england is having to cut it production in half

Jason Chua says:

Why wait for the FED to announced a recessions from your numerous reports we know that the FED is a fraud organisation so go ahead and announced the recession – i will second the X22 Report..

black die%ice says:

yeah I'm the for hundred like

grey matters says:

excellent work dave thxu

Kman Lodi says:

Dave Your still my go to guy Thanks for what you do…….

vincent parlante says:

Check out Jacob hills channel [EAS] 8:17 : A real Nuclear attack simulation. it will wake many up without a doubt.

Dean JVR says:

Buy fruit & Veg seeds and start planting everywhere. Also see micro greens. Start Co-operatives ( Equal share, votes & share expenses equally.)

Immaculate Heart says:

EASY. DON'T PAY THE JEWS BANKER CARTEL A CENT. All the debts are hoax just like their Holohoax fabricated story of Gas Chambers. We don't owe them a cent. We don't pay interest on our own money. They owed us for 200 years that they stole from us. Take back our gold, silver and everything that they had stolen and make them pay compound interest on that. Make them pay. Americans need to wake the hell up. Make them pay back the Income Tax that they created to squeeze Americans to death. Take them out and seize their assets. That's so simple.

Bella Krinkle says:

Market UP 85 pts today…this is a con game…be ready for a big drop in stock market!

Bella Krinkle says:

Recession? No, SOUP LINES!

liber8tor says:

I saw 1st Christmas TV commercial on NFL yesterday. Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy….

liber8tor says:

No more $21 trillion tax payer bailout of bankers! Congress will say the deficit is the tax payers fault and that we must accept austerity. MF'ers….

John Leonard says:

Looks like Daddy is going to have a great cheap Christmas. Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas.

Teddy Lechok says:

Dave you should look into how a mortgage really works it is a complete fraud bank scam

Judy Mckee says:

It is an illusion. The real thing is food, pay off debt, hard asset like house and precious metal. If anybody doesnot have any spare, at least stock up food and down scale your living standard. Do not wait so you could save anyone of the above.

F16 Pilot 4 TRUMP says:

broken record dave…

Ricardo ubo says:

Dave you have been feeding your viewers the same Fear, Doubt and Uncertainty (FUD) about the pending collapse of the US Economy for quite a few years now. Your FUD has probably been a big opportunity cost as people have missed the Big stock market rally and they are worst off today. Everyone can read Zero Hedge and plagiarize on other peoples' work. When are things going to collapse ? US stock markets do not rise on Thin Air. There has to be some earnings and fundamentals !

Rude Dog says:

You are right about the Fake Amazon effect, just this morning on cnbc they were talking about how Amazon is getting into the Sports Athletic wear, so there they go showing all the Sports Athletic Companies and there plunging stock price and blaming Amazon. It is not Amazon, The American middle class consumer is not spending, no job, no raise, = Broke.

TrueGritProductions says:

The Jews will lie to you until there is only dust remaining

Terri says:

Thanks Dave!! Gregory Mannarino came out today and said Gold and Silver are on sale again! Stack if you can, even if just 1 oz…

The BigLockDaddy Report says:

What happens to the cryptos when the collapse comes? Listen here. Great job as always, Dave! Love X22!

James Hall says:

We're in the Twilight-Zone.

David Middleton says:

But it still stays up after all the forecasting it is going to collapse. BC is going up and everyone keeps believing the market can fail which could happen anyone I feel.

Beau Carpenter says:

I bet Walmart is making a killing. I see them packed all the time.

red7fifty says:

Check this out…..last year, the day after Halloween, CHRISTMAS shit when up in the stores. Typically, Those decorations didn't go up, until the day AFTER Thanksgiving. This year, they moved the time table up another 2 weeks. Christmas stuff already rolling out in the stores, MID-OCTOBER! I'm predicting, if the STHF doesn't happen by years end……we might see the Christmas Shopping season start as early as Easter, or maybe Valentines day….or, it might be a year round event.

MrKaili808 says:

Financial system to be hit with a cyber attack false flag to trigger the crash!✌

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