23 Fascinating Math Tricks That Will Make You Math Guru

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emmanuel jr tundag says:

Now I know how

Ashok Jha says:

vvvv good is

Celeste Kofi says:

I love math

Celeste Kofi says:

I love math

chipan9191 says:

for that second one i got the answer faster just by taking 230+46. 23(12)=23(10)+23(2).

Claudia Yanes says:

Mental i

Panama says:

i kind bad of math

Lil J says:

0:28 When I did that one time my math teacher looked like she wanted to call me a noob lol (in middle school)

The Nerd Cabin says:

Hey, Check how Algebra is really easy!!

Gael Jimenez says:

9 look like g

Kaushal Deep says:

I know this trick sir chat gaye aap

Juan Carlos Basilio says:

u could atleast put some audio intead of music background

Amna Ikram says:

guys the meaning of math is

M mental

You won says:

Waw fantastic teaching

Deacon Verter says:

Here's another: If you are multiplying two two-digit numbers that happen to be equally far away from a number easily multiplied by itself you can turn it into a simpler problem e.g. 9 x 11 = 10 x 10 – 1. 8 x 12 = 10 x 10 – 4. 67 x 73 = 70 x 70 – 9. 85 x 95 = 90 x 90 – 25. Just remember to square the number of hops the bunnies each made on the number line to meet in the middle, then subtract.

Lucrecia Roberts says:

You made some decent points there. I looked on the web for the issue and found most people will associate with with yourwebsite.

Susana Martinez says:

Only one like please someone

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