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A virus is a small infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of other organisms. Viruses can infect all types of life forms, from animals and plants to microorganisms, including bacteria and archaea.


Kahlil Warren says:

Whites made HIV

Andros Shae says:

Do anyone know about Womezon Remedy? Does it really work? I hear many people cure their bacterial vaginosis issue inherently with this bacterial vaginosis remedy.

Kumiko Hara says:

Was griffith's experiment mentioned in this?

Julius Caesar Amora says:

It still boils down to

"how it all begun…"

If one can't explain to me how everything came to existence.

Then GOD is REAL.
those who don't think so.. look into the mirror and ask yourself what are you looking at.

Goofdookie says:

This got kinda wacky near the end. I’ll need a bit more evidence before buy that viruses created the ability to Love.

nathan whitworth says:

Well if this is true then I think viruses are not doing a great job of improving humanity . If any thing I would say we are going backwards , just look at the mess we are in .

Fernando Flores says:


lando ramone says:

I am a pseudo philosopher. I say this because I have no academic pedigrees behind my name. I'm just lando and I read an academic philosophy book. Rene Descartes come to mind as I am watching this video because of the questions the narrator is asking the audience. Rene is known for I think therefore I am. I actually have read Darwin's work. It's over 500 pages. It is also out dated and Darwin was against persevation of favored races. He also draws an inference. I disagree with this inference he draws. (It's a leap of faith for me to follow Darwin down that rabbit hole) Does anyone even remember the favored race idea? Likewise I disagree with this author's conclusions and the theory as it is explain. As I was watching this video Rene came to mind and his demon. How do we know that we are not apart of some elaborate experiment being acted upon by some demon. The movie the matrix touch on Rene's idea as well. Neo was a brain in a box. RNA DNA we classify as genetic instructions genes etc. The sofeware for us the hardware if you will. What is really going on chemically and why? What is really happening molecular how do we know there is not a mind orchestrating the order we find in our organization? Why stop at viruses. Let's go all the way back. Why is there something instead of nothing at all. Why is there any organization when there could be none. The leap to living is never demonstrated. Now scicentist are considering the idea of seeding planets with life as the reason. Viruses are just molecular code. Just RNA or DNA incase in a molecular layer. We get no closer to knowing by being able to witness these facts. Like Descartes I think therefore I am. We get to stand as witness because we are awake conscious. Could the demon be the author and we are the conscious unwilling subjects? I have heard the infinite regression argument but I find it to be circular. We don't get any closer to the truth just bat back and forth the skepticism we have for our opponent's prepositions. Personally, I am more pragmatic if it's is workable that's all that matters. True enough will give me enough certainty to make it through my life. The talk about atheism vs theism or atheist bashing theist and theist bashing atheist is unproductive. It's like democrats vs republicans or a rock and a hard place. Just circuling the drain. Just walk away both ideas are workable and they get us to an end of life scenario where both people the theist and the atheist feel there life was worth living. Ancedotally, I do fined atheist to be on the nihilistic side of things and politically they tend to be control freaks, less libertarianism and more Marxism, but that's just my experience.

george eliot evans says:

in a sense earth is flat and not…evolution here seem really fast

Tom Simone says:

Started to watch video to get smarter. Started reading comments instead, and got dumber

Roedy Green says:

What is the monogamy virus called? I could see women surreptiously infecting their mates.

Roedy Green says:

How can you tell the chemical you used to kill the virus did not directly interfere with implantation?

Roedy Green says:

The corniness of the red, green and blue flasks in the virology lab was beneath you.

Inam Udin says:

the exparemant of sheep we studed in 2nd year.

Inam Udin says:

then their is no method which bacteria became like virus.and do interfernce like virus do in beacteria

RixiRooTM says:

What a crock of shit. lol.

mirzamay says:

When we talk about experiments that result in the death or torture of an animal… or a human for that matter…I think we need to take a moment of silence for the being who experienced that tragedy and another moment of silence for the willingness our species has to excuse and support grotesque acts against others.
Oh it's unthinkable to do this to a human (largely because of the Nuremburg trials and little else I'd bet)… let's do the next best thing and do it to a thinking feeling being who can't speak our language… someone "lesser" than us. Someone who, say, is only as developed as a 3 year old.
That makes all the pain and death and torture ok because you know… convenience. It would be awful inconvenient and also might cost something more to just wait and gather data. It would be more precise with better usable data but all hail convenience, we are the only gods and all that ever matters.

Jigger Jones says:

I like this. Monkeys have 48 chromosomes. Humans, only 46. Did a virus destroy two? Did we evolve, orrrrrrr DEvolve?

Daniel Rm says:


ket cher says:

All these stupid comments from people that don't know basic Biology

technologic21 says:

Viruses are biological weapons. They are the remnants of ancient organisms. They change the DNA inside living cells in organisms. Some make us sick, some can kill us.

They were created by beings much more advanced than ourselves, after the Earth formed and they seeded the planet.

john adams says:

Atoms are at the heart of everything; and they are sentient.

Peter Gambier says:

I guess virus's are like the predators that we find in the world. They, just like scavengers serve a necessary function and if we didn't have them our world would certainly be pretty smelly and different from what it is now.
The predators search out and kill the weak and sick and the scavengers clean up whatever remains. The virus helps us to develope and make our immune systems that much stronger.
One question still remains from the film: Where did the Mi-Mi virus first come from, in fact, how did they themselves evolve?
Thanks for posting this up.

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