HTML5/CSS3 Flat Responsive Website – Start To Finish Web Design Tutorial

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In this video we’ll learn how to design a responsive HTML5 and CSS3 website from scratch using only a text editor. The website design also features a navigation that will transform at the mobile or responsive width of the website.

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Trí Võ Tấn says:

thank you 🙂

Wesley Johnson says:

Please someone give me this free! I dont got money to buy it for $15! PLEASE IV'E SEARCHED FOR IT FOR FREE FOR SO LONG! 🙁 please guys i like it so so so much! please!

damij says:

I'm drunk and i enjoy this great tutorial. Yes i am retaining this work.

Dulanga Perera says:

Stunning Explanation (y)

Emmanuel Ruiz says:

thanks so much! very helpful! you are awesome!

Amit sharma says:

Dude, font awesome is not working, what should i do?

Romanti-Ezer Santos says:

Thank you very much!

Robert Kirby says:

Outstanding – thanks for creating and sharing this.

Tiny says:

thanks but i cant make footer icons as u did
can u help me plz ??

Amir Yusuf says:

Best Tutorial i've ever seen on HTML/CSS. Very meticulously explained. God Bless You Brother Drew Ryan.

Vitex says:

I love Emmet 😀 So much easier 😀
footer>ul[class="social"]>li*4>a[href="#" target="_blank"]>i[class="fa fa-"]

Hugh Mungus says:

Many thanks. you are amazing

Fitnessindustry 123 says:

great work can u send me sorce code at my gmail account thank u

吴环宇 says:

Thank you for your detailed guide~

Freddy Acevedo says:

Thank you so much! Subscribed!

JPilson Sumbo says:

Hats off !!! Thanks

Sangram Nath says:

It was awesome ….one thousand like for you…

About Me says:

Nice tutorial.
HEy, I'm a professional front-end web designer do you need to convert your PSD file you can check you this:

William Douglas says:

Hey….i dont get the icons u have above the html…css…social and seo…why is that?

Aleksandr Velinschi says:

subscribed, liked, very nice for very beginners 🙂 good job.


awesome tutorial. responsive designing have always been an headache but after watching it,i am okay with it. will donate definitely when got a job. 😉

abhishek das says:

nav img for #menu-icon is not displaying for mobile version

ntm35810 says:

Is there direct programmed file for editing & making website which can be copy & then edit .

Michael Houston says:

Great tutorial. Thanks.

Antonio Junior says:

Thank you for another great tutorial! I always learn a lot from you!

Zooni Afzal says:

Well done buddy! This is one of the rare long tutorials i actually went through with till the end and it has undoubtedly improved my knowledge in the area. Now to redo the whole thing on my own (with some reference to your code of course!). Thanks Again!

Patrick Dearman says:

Drew, this was fantastic. Thank you. One question if you wouldn't mind answering, or maybe someone else… How would you go about making the aside sections height match the article section height? To me it just looks a little off not being equal. Thanks again!

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