How I Deal with Chronic Pain

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Warning: this video will be sad.

Martina suffers from chronic pain as a result of having Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. You don’t see it in our videos often, because we tend to shoot on days that we’re doing well. But on some days the pain can be unbearable, and Martina can barely focus. So what do we do on those days? Today Martina will show you, start to finish, how she deals with Chronic Pain, how she refuses to give up, and how she continues to #buildaladder.

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pavotrouge says:

What I don't understand is why you don't move somewhere where life will be easier for you?

Lillian Yun says:

Dear Simon,,, can you guys make a video of your perspective and things, tricks, sweet gestures whatever, that help your spouse through these tough times? Being the spouse with chronic health issues is certainly tough but often we forget the burdens of the caregiver as well. You guys the best xoxo

josakura says:

Pig power!!!

Star wish says:

thank you for this video

lisa chaika says:

martina your a awesome person and i look up to you so much!You Go Girl!:)

TheSecretPassword says:

You're amazing for reaching out and showing the reality of this, Martina. Thank you for holding on.

Scott Kelly says:

Consider trying CBD!?

Atomicreina says:

I honestly didn't watch this video right away because I didn't want to see you in pain because that would just make me sad and make me cry. But I'm happy I watched and learned how you turned such a bad day around. I'll remember this next time my sciatica is so bad I can't get out of bed or even sit down on the toilet.
Your such a strong human being and thank you for being so vulnerable ❤️❤️

Lidya Humaira says:

And then I realize that my life isn't that hard. Simon and Martina, I hope you guys…I don't know what to say by the way. It's not easy but I hope you can handle it and the illness disappear by the time and people get the cure of it.

Emily Dungey says:

This is WONDERFUL! Thank you for sharing! I'm going to use these concepts to make a worksheet for  my therapy clients. Of course, I'll cite you!

unfriended says:

You guys are amazing

codruteco says:

Such an inspiration! Thank you for this, I really needed it!

Erin Mason says:

These types of videos make me cry. Not sad cry, but “other people hurt emotionally too” cry. Of course I know others go through the similar things, but few talk about it so it’s hard to connect. Thanks for putting these videos out there to connect with others who struggle with physical and/or mental pain and hardship, it’s very heartwarming ❤️

TinySpaceLiving says:

I watched this for a bit and stopped watching it because I hurt for Martina. But if Martina can go through this video hurting, then I can watch this video and appreciate what she is doing for us.

Thank you for opening up to us Martina and showing us how brave you are. You are very humbling, strong and inspiring.

Chasing Consciousness says:

As a fellow Toronto-ian, Thanks for showing what is important and can't be learned simply in life; this goes beyond what was shown in the video. The message from you guys; Martina and Simon, takes courage and confidence to
articulate, show, and upload. Love you guys ; Simon you are one of the smallest guy with the biggest heart I've yet to meet , keep smiling cause Martina loves that I bet

Maria Jesus Revillot says:

Martina, eres una mujer increible, con un poder mental enorme, definitivamente eres una super mujer y tienes a tu lado a un super hombre. Les deseo que cada día puedan lograr esas pequeñas o grandes metas, que la vida los recompense y los llene de fortaleza y amor <3

Shiny Pikachu says:

You both are fantastic people. I'm so sorry that you go through such tremendous amounts of pain. You are so beautiful, Martina. I've been a fan & supporting you guys for a very long time. Love what you do. Stay strong. <3 Sending hugs from Canada.

Chris Barber says:

Love you Martina! You can do it!

Jennie Svensson says:

I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome as well so recognize a lot! It's actually 4:30am here in Sweden now as I'm typing this and I haven't slept yet, pain is keeping me awake so I've been spending the night watching videos on YouTube to cheer myself up a bit and get my mind on other things than the pain. Currently have this very strong desire to visit Hong Kong so have started to research a bit about the wheelchair accessibility as I'm in my manual wheelchair most of the time when I'm outside, and I'm also looking into if Hong Kong can be a possible place to get my neck properly checked (suspected instability). But even just daydreaming about traveling to Asia again is refreshing even though it's also like a stab to the heart at the same time when coming back to reality and feel misplaced in Europe and feeling like a prisoner in a broken body. Kitty cuddles is another great help for me, and music of course! And since I live in the same neighborhood as my parents, I go to my parents every day just to make sure I get some proper clothes on and get out of my apartment at least for a bit each day. Pokémon Go helps as well, either just go to the nearest Pokémon stop for the daily bonus, or join some others to take down some Pokémon in a raid. Even though it's almost impossible to keep up with others in Pokémon Go because of the physical limitations EDS causes, it's fun to play and do as well as you can at least. It's fine to not attend every raid or even just one raid in a day, it's fine to not hatch eggs every day and so on. When I'm out driving I tend to take a scenic route just outside of my town, just a little gravel road with a lot of oaks around it, very pretty route and just going there gives so much (and good Pokémon place too lol)

It's the little things!

Karlee Kimberling says:

Thank you so much for this video.

Personally, I have Christmas lights all around my room. They always make me smile when I turn all my lights off and turn my Christmas lights on, especially the blue star shaped ones I have hanging by my bed. I also put orange and purple ones under my bed since it’s October and then I have normal white ones by my futon. It makes me so happy to see them all lit up. (I live in a dorm with my bed lofted up, which is why I have lights under my bed.)

I also want to say I love the pig hat, that’s such a great concept.

Brittney Kargol-Haslett says:

Hey Martina, I just wanted to say that your video actually helped me gain some perspective. I've had a rough couple of months lately where nothing has been going my way. I've been dragging myself deeper into depression and anxiety over my situation. But I'm going to build my ladder and work my way up. Thank you for sharing.

xuorigailaht says:

I didnt find this sad at all! Infact it was so encouraging!! Thank you for being so brave!!

Feminist Mermaid says:

Martina, you are a wonderful, inspiring person. Thank you for being you and sharing your life with us.

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