Video captures girl’s joy at adoption

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A security camera at a Utah school caught the emotional moment when 11-year-old Tannah Butterfield learned her foster parents had completed her legal adoption. KUTV reporter Cristina Flores has the story.


billy hill says:

I want to adopt the teacher

Lotus Liberty says:

And this is why I want to adopt. <3

Rick Ammon says:

This is so beautiful!

Patrick Richardson says:

That was cool.

Brandon Christopher says:

Finally a good story for a good kid.
Not everything in the world is bad.

KHAM M says:

Great news for white people.
Some kids dying on the street.
What a fake news.

Glenn Odle says:

That's a great story and I wish you forever happiness.

Nael Laine says:

Care discovery glass prompt patient favorite

JT Smith says:

Beautiful story. All lives matter…. no matter what age, 'wanted or unwanted'…. 'planned or unplanned'…. there is always hope.

King Bladwin IV says:

Very sweet, good luck to both parties.

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