Dove apologizes for racially insensitive ad

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Dove has apologized for a body wash ad that showed a black woman taking off her shirt to reveal a white woman. Many social media users called out the Facebook ad as racially insensitive.

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Retard says:

It’s not racist. The full ad shows a black soma lifting her t-shirt to show a white woman who lifts her t-shirt to show a middle eastern woman. The purpose was to show that all skin colours can use dove.

kyyng pin maluwana says:

Watched the full ad and saw nothing wrong

ValaMov says:

it is true…

junaid Sheik says:

Lmfao hahaha

Ryu Amio says:

Youtube is weird
"This video is reporting something BAD. I must DISLIKE it!"

Dean du Preez says:

Racism is such a bore already


i feel like they do these things all the time. i mean why not interpret their videos before sharing them with the whole world? i am in a point where ive accepted that people will always be heartless and i really dont care much about this add.

Kyara Mapley says:

This ad is not racist because if anything, it shows how the product caters to all skin types/colours. Therefore the opposite of racist.

Medical Student says:

They were probably thinking,

Dove: You know what we need, diversity. In our commercial, we should not only have white women taking off their cloth, but black woman taking off their cloths as well. We want both the results to be white, so that we can show off our products
Reasonable employee: I don't know about–
Dove: Shhhhhh cups employee's mouth and slowly slice his neck Shhhhhh

Jaqueese Bogard says:

Racist? Where? Ummmm k

ThePhilosopher1748 says:

That commercial wasn't even remotely racist. Black people are so incredibly stupid. They complain about every little thing and blame all of their failures on slavery and racism.

Rotna C R says:

If youre bothered by this, watch the full ad. after the white woman, she transforms into a brown woman. It isnt racist. People just picked parts of it and took it out of context

Sol Mon says:

I dislike CBS news more for propagating the divide and conquer BS.

Thato Austin says:

Dove shouldn't apologise they knew what they were getting themselves into. They're racist

Lao Mao says:

How is this even racist?
This reminds me of that Michael Jackson music video for We are the world.
I dont hear anyone saying that's racist…

gjaddajg says:

Why, CBS, are you NOT adding context?
The white woman moved her shirt and a brown woman appeared…. Race baiting morons.

gjaddajg says:

Triggered racist snowflakes will whine about everything and take things out of context to fit their racist narrative.

The truth is: the white girl then takes her shirt off and an Asian woman appears. The actual commercial is 30 seconds long. At this point, it's easier to just not have black people in commercials, because they always complain about racism anyway.

Zone Chaos says:

Only racist think this video is racist.

TomusXAMV says:

political correctness is stupid….

Chrissi says:

This is downright embarrassing. The message was the total opposite that the product caters to all women and it doesn't matter what you are but they just took out the part where the black woman turned white and ran with it. Isn't that basically propaganda?

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