Influenza – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

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What is influenza? Influenza’s one of the most common infectious diseases, and is caused the influenza virus. Subscribe – More videos – Support us on Patreon –

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you are doing a great job… nice explanations…

Chris Bruynson says:

Alberta is a province, not a city.

mooheb mas says:

thank you very much.
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Morris Lipshitts says:

One can also get the influenza at the dentist office when the personnel don't clean the equipment after some little kid sneezed all over the place.

shantanu singh says:

Can provide link for video on meningitis n encephalitis

Hira nasir says:

Your videos are very informative and easy to remember… i want to request you to make videos about baçteriology

Jennica V says:

Brilliantly done. So perfect

ValkyrieKnox says:

This is the BEST influenza video I've ever seen! Brilliant work! Thank you!!!

Chiraz AZ says:

that's amazing ! you made things so easier and even funny so it really helps us to learn it !
thank you so much 🙂

Nathaniel M says:

Insert uneducated comment about how vaccines are evil and wrong

Aqeel Ahmed says:

Amazing, i'll never forget influenza again

Asmaa Usama says:

Awesome! Thank u so much, Osmosis

Ken Karnes says:

Excellent video. Thank you for helping me understand influenza.

Vijaya Balakrishnan says:

hi there!! thank you very much for your videos, very interesting plus easy learning. please add more videos on infectious diseases like diphtheria, dysentery, tularemia, plague and so on, they will be very helpful in my preparation for coming exam…thank you very much:))))

Taylor Jenner says:

awesome, learned a lot in ur channel keep up d gud work

xMissVaagheid says:

Wow great, this came out just in time for my exam tomorrow. 🙂 Thank you for all the effort put into this, it's very clear and helpful.

Jamie Walsingham says:

seriously love your channel since you started operating your videos have helped me no end with my undergrad degree

kiratpreet dhillon says:

Can we have more respiratory pathology videos, Interstitial diseases, pneumoconioisis?

Sanguinius163 says:

Why is it not CC? Cuz of Jamie?

Paweł Szopiński says:

Oink oink, baby!

ankesh poonia says:

its monday where is today video ? i am waiting 🙂

G Rana says:

it was really helpful and plz can you make one on osteoporosis..

Bestideo says:

You guys give a detailed presentation of every condition thank you very much=

mechanic1756 says:

The video brought very good points . Congratulations on making a difficult topic easy to understand .

Sanguinius163 says:

Thanks! Gr8 video! Could u please tell me which textbooks to use on infections, obgyn and psychiatry? I'm not from the USA.

Bob Ddog says:

can you please make a video on LEPROSY.

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