Sell & Spin A History of Advertising

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1999, Sell & Spin A History of Advertising.
Documentary about how products, ideas and people have been sold over the years. The program traces the development of advertising techniques and examines some of the most successful and disastrous campaigns ever developed.
Writers: Gary H. Grossman, Rob Blumenstein, Sean P Geary.


Fresno Bobster says:

I have uploaded a version I had on tape which is intact for the missing minutes around 35 mins in here.

DKD says:

The Grill of the Edsel looks like a vagina. Was that intentional?

DKD says:

DICK CAVETT? LOVE HIM..LOVED THOSE OLD COMMERCIALS. I am a product of the 70's and 80's..after that, no t.v. for me bro

SolidworksTutorials says:

there were no ads on this video

Moo01100 says:

Why did you bother posting this? It's unwatchable.

Roses and Songs says:

I don't have cable TV and I use an ad blocker here so I only watch the best Super Bowl or Europe's Best ads for example and only when I feel like it but I have to admit that on the creative side these people work very hard and I am often impressed by their brilliant ideas and irreverent sense of humour, the entertainment factor is vital, that's why I personally disagree with political and pharmaceutical ads, where's the fun? WAZZAAAAAA!

jdareyah says:

$2 billion spent on online advertising in 1999. Now it is almost $700 billion.
The internet change the game, they need to do another show for the last 20 years

Jela Labani says:

1:11:02 Azamat Bagatov and Borat briefly at 1:14:48 (top left) XD

Alek Klimov says:

Any Noam Chomsky fans here?

Alek Klimov says:

You cannot buy happiness. These advertisements are hollow lies told with the sole purpose of exploiting the public. Now, in the midst of the recent corporate coup d'etat, it is time to see through these illusions & drive a steak into the heart of these vampiric con artists!

Alek Klimov says:

Fuck Edward Bernays!

Alek Klimov says:

What a brainwashed culture these advertisers have helped to create. Mass media uses such distractions to profit off of the misinformed masses & divert their minds from meaningful subjects, such as how many industries pollute our air & water supply. Everything seems to be justified if it's good for the economy, even if it is at the peril of our health. These vampires will be exposed to the light of day!

BriBaby says:

What are some of the successful ad campaigns highlighted by the film? What do these campaigns have in common?

Kenn Smith says:

Nothing is more narccisist than believing someone cares about you…very good

Joey Baseball says:

And this was before internet advertising.

Yuri muckraker says:

is that dick cavett narrating?! if so cool! and did the Media Education Foundation/Sut Jhally produce this?

Information about where to advertise online says:

{hello this is great}

DannieBTV says:

1:21:23 lmao Karma eventually caught up , huh Roger Ailes?

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