Why the Air Is About to Come Out of America’s Bubble Economy – Peter Schiff

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Larry Smith says:

Talking head. Cite your remarks Peter.

Gold? Wow, that's productive. The fact that you recommend investing in something that produces zero disqualifies you from making any credible comments about being a productive part of the economy.

Dan Akers says:

This man really tells the truth about what is REALLY going on.

Tom Douglas says:

Everyone needs to have health care eventually. You can pay for it out of your own pocket but that carries a high risk. You can share your risk by insuring with a small group of people which carries a smaller risk. You can share your risk with everyone in your country which carries the smallest risk. But you're are paying for a system full of underwriters, layers, membership clerks etc… who have nothing to do with medicine. It's more efficient to cover everyone with taxes. Look, you get onto a large plane and there is some coughing at the back. He has antibiotic resistant TB. You're at the front of first class so you're safe? WRONG. The spores are in the air everywhere. The government gets money from busineses selling unhealthy food. If they are on the hook for treating people who have eaten unhealthy food a better balance is made. If you don't believe me then look at other countries. There are lots of examples

Tom Douglas says:

The government probably does have the assets. If you include the value of everyone's home, businesses, possessions and the minerals under the ground then it has more than the assets required to cover almost any debt

Tom Douglas says:

I agree with everything he says, who wouldn't. Timing is everything . Governments try to keep the economy afloat and everyone wants to make money so will keep buying into the system. It's an unforseen event which will cause the drop in confidence that will trigger the next big adjustment. It's that event which you need to predict

tenminutetokyo says:

Banksters want you poor. Too much prosperity is bad for the loan business.

tenminutetokyo says:

There are no bubbles. Everything is manipulated by the Fed. What they call a bubble is a normal functioning economy.

Rajawi Red1 says:

Always makes me pee in my pants..

Guillaume Chartrand says:

Joe Rogan Podcast sent me here

Sky Yin says:

2008 crisis: Americans can no longer afford an American life but still don't want an India/Chinese life and also don't want to study as hard as Indians/Chinese even though America has the best Universities.

Allen Foust says:

Debt?  Maybe because there are no jobs?

Allen Foust says:

Richard Wolff talks about this stuff and actually makes sense.

kelly kust says:

this asshole has always been wrong!! So shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He predicted 6 collapses and exact dates that never happend!!!!!! All american greedy crooks making money to from you tube fear videos…i think your a liar!!!!!!!! Coke on your tounge!!!!!!!!!

Loaded4th says:

Jimmy Carter was responsible for record high interest rates NOT Reagan.

T Mc says:


Benaiah Wright says:

Inflation is an increased supply of money not simply higher prices

endar117 says:

Warning: this guy is a salesman with a shady background.

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