5 Fun Physics Phenomena

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Five cool physics tricks, but how do they work?
Explanations: http://youtu.be/jIMihpDmBpY
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The Cane Balance:
Slide your fingers in from the ends of a horizontal cane to find its centre of mass.

Shot and Edited by Pierce Cook at the YouTube Space LA.

Music by Amarante: http://bit.ly/VeAmarante


Jacob Arnell says:

Cereals contain Iron.

Mkoij Nv Jgc says:

الظاهرة الخامسة ببساطه عندما إحترقت جزيئات الحافظة تغيرت كثافتها وأصبحت كثافتها أقل من كثافة جزيئات الهواء المحيطة بهاThe fifth phenomenon is simple when the burning of the preservative molecules changed its density and became less dense than the density of surrounding air molecules

Mkoij Nv Jgc says:

والظاهرة الرابعة تحدث لأن الشيبس يحتوي على بعض الأملاح التي التي تتكون من المعادن كالبوتاسيوم وقد يحتوي الشيبس على المغنيسيوم The fourth phenomenon occurs because the chips contains some salts that are composed of minerals such as potassium. Chips may contain magnesium

Mkoij Nv Jgc says:

الظاهرة الثالثة ببساطة لن تخطئ كتب الكيمياء ويكون هو على حق و فعليا الجزيئات ستنقلب بعضها وبعضها الآخر سينجذب مما يؤدي لميلان الماء The third phenomenon simply will not miss the chemistry books and be right and actually the molecules will turn some of them and others will be attracted, which leads to water mileage

Mkoij Nv Jgc says:

الظاهرة الثانية ببساطه تحدث بسبب مقاومة الهواء The second phenomenon simply occurs due to air resistance

Mkoij Nv Jgc says:

الظاهرة الأولى بسبب لأنه عندما ينزل صديقك العصا من المستحيل ان يتركها صديقه من كلا الطرفين في نفس الوقت والقوة الناتجه عن الوقوع ستنتج ردة فعل من الصعب أن تجعل العصا تتوازن في حين لن تتواجد ردة فعل عند تحريك هذه العصا على يده . The first phenomenon is because because when your friend descends the stick it is impossible to leave it to his friend from both sides at the same time and the force resulting from falling will produce a reaction that is difficult to make the stick balanced while there will be no reaction when moving this stick on his hand.

luca Brunner says:

the first is easy the finger closer to the point of mass has more weight on it ->more friction and the ather finger moves and the tee bag flys becaus of the heated air reising taking the bag with it the rest i dont know

Ansh Girdhar says:

Cereals move toward magnet because cereals have some amount of iron in it

Jagger C. says:

The Tea-Bag Rocket works due to the ash being so light, that the rising heat pulls it along.

noor N F says:

I like yours vedio…

John Paul says:

The distribution of mass due to the inner components of mobile might be uneven.

ImHeadshotSniper says:

literally i had biology last year and couldn't get what polar even meant until THIS VIDEO…..

Rachael Platt says:

1. Cane: From the ends the pressure will be greater on the finger closer to the center. This increases friction on that finger allowing the other finger to move. This is why the fingers do not move at the same rate.

2. Phone Flip: ? best guess: the long axis is unstable – like placing an egg upright on its small end. A tiny momentum in left-right axis will increase the instability until the phone also flips left-right. However the instability quickly reaches equilibrium otherwise the phone would start in 1 direction and end in another.

3. Magnetic Cup: ? best guess: the water if following the magnetic lines of force emanating from the charges on the cup.

4. Magnetic Cereal: cereal has sufficient iron in the ingredients to be attracted to magnetic force.

5. Teabag Rocket: Heated material becomes lighter as a result of expansion – thus hot-air balloons. The teabag is also heating air. When the teabag burns enough weigh off, the lift provided by the rising air is sufficient to lift the teabag remains. The flame continues to heat the air and provide lift. Once the teabag burns out it will cool off and start to fall.

Oscar Piano Cuber says:

Woooow. With the phone one they tried to blurre the apple logo xD

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