Robson Green: Extreme Fisherman – Okinawa

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Extreme Fisherman: Okinawa S1, Ep2 (11 Aug. 2014)


Nigelz Tay says:

Envrironmentally friendly net fishing technique without damaging the reefs (and their nets)

Neil Calder says:

By the way I live in Okinawa and I hate this. Hey foreigner leave those fish alone

Neil Calder says:

Disgraceful. Go kill some rhinos.

TheTalkingTurbot says:

Big Eyes Are Cute :3

Gil Perez says:

Thanks for sharing all your fishing advetures Robson

David Jefferies says:

Iv'e been told that the Tuna contains Mercury,and eating to much tuna,can cause brain damage,now is this true,can anyone liken me on this subject.

Chiken says:

My dream fish

PyroMonks says:


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