Buried In The Fed’s Report It Reveals The Truth About The Economy:Charles Hugh Smith

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Today’s Guest: Charles Hugh Smith

Of Two Minds

Why Our Status Quo Failed
and Is Beyond Reform

Get a Job, Build a Real Career…

Why Things Are Falling Apart and What
We Can Do About It

A Radically Beneficial World

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Jet Blake says:

Love the show. I really like Charles Smith. What do you think of Catalonia? https://steemit.com/politics/@jetblake/is-a-catalonia-spain-coming-to-your-neighborhood

Bobby Yahawada says:

The term crypto is another divergent term. The bartering system has been digital for a while now. It is time for the saturn proponents to coerce u off of the independence and anonymity of paper bartering and onto digital surveillance

Bobby Yahawada says:

College and educational programming is about training minds to canaanite, mithras,saturn and manmade ideals. It has nothing to do with financial independence when it is a vehicle for slavery to the banking cartel.

Andrew Wolf says:

37:22  This is a big leap.  How does "blockchain technology" per se create prosperity?  There's no critical thought here.

David Stanley says:

Salaries stagnated , 1 in 3 not working
debt ridden at all levels personal, city ,state and Federal .
There will be no coming back from this the slide into the third world is now assured for USA.
it will continue to be a slow slide into the third world

Kip Hale says:

Simple answer? Start growing our own food. I know that many of you out there are doing so, those of you that aren't, start. Those of you that are, ramp up your production, somehow. Your gonna need it.

Alfred Lear says:

Very interesting interview with some enlightening points.

Ken Robison says:

When you have Congressman like McCain American people get screwed over Congressman don't have Obamacare!

James Lee says:

The banking system are scam
The medical system are scam
The media system are scam
The political system are scam.

why ?

Is owned by the few same bankers oversea. American please wake up.

J Ma says:

First of all, I do not believe the size of the currency matters here. The US dollars is able to become the reserve currency not because of its size and the amount of units. Zimbabwe dollars were big in size. I think it’s the confidence behind US dollars is what makes it a reserve currency

Bella Krinkle says:

Pls do not have Mr Smith on again…he's a slow learner

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